Thursday, February 11, 2021

Mother Nature Is Drunk

What is up with this crazy weather? Me thinks that Mother Nature has been sneaking into someone's liquor stash.  I mean, how else would you explain all this bitter cold making it's way into Texas? Yeah it snows in parts of Texas and yeah we are still in the winter season, and sure, we are used to cold temperatures for a a day or two.  Oh and by cold temperatures I mean 40 to 50 degrees, tops.  But the meteorologists here have been on defcon mode since last weekend.  The warnings and forecasts have gotten more and more intense as the week progresses.  Can you really blame them though?  Texas knows hurricanes, tornados, tropical depressions, humidity and scorching heat.  That's what we know.  Not icy highways, below freezing temperatures and *gasp* the possibility of snow.   Can you imagine?  We would go insane trying to maneuver ourselves in ice or snow.  Hell some of us I mean me, have a difficult time maneuvering around in normal weather.  Again it's not like snow has never fallen in our great state. It has. In fact, some cities in Texas get snow on the regular during the winter.  Except Houston.  The few times that it has snowed here it has not stuck around.  It melts as fast (or faster) than the Wicked Witch did in The Wizard of Oz.   

Personally, I love cold weather.  I would love to experience snow -real snow, at least once in my lifetime.  More if I could conquer my fear of skiing -but I digress.

The next few days and the better part of next week promise to be interesting here.  We'll see what happens.

In other news, happy LOVE week, bloggies.  May love in any realm, find you and make you dizzy happy.

It's almost the bewitching hour.  I better go take my 7 hour nap so I can be a productive human in the morning.



CWMartin said...

You want my weather? These old bones lose five degrees of tolerance for cold every year.

Sandra Cox said...

What a fun, well-written post.
I thoroughly enjoyed it.
And, yeah, Mother Nature does act like she's been tippling.
Happy Valentines.

Yvonne said...

CW Martin- no way. You can keep it :)

Yvonne said...

Sandra-Glad you enjoyed it. Happy Valentine's Day to you ;)

Janie Junebug said...

I'm with Sandra. It is fun and well written. I have a friend who lives in Dallas, who didn't get ice but says it's very cold, while my oldest sister, who lives a little outside Dallas, got ice and also reports it's cold. So it's definitely cold!


Sandra Cox said...

Just stopped by to say hey and have a great week.

Marisa said...

This is my first time I experience snow in Houston. We moved from Atlanta a year ago to experience the warm weather of Houston. The surprise part is that just Monday was cold and now, we are in the 69°.

Yvonne said...

Marisa-hola! Oh my god yes. What I can tell you is that Houston weather is bipolar. What happened last week, has not happened since 1930!! It was crazy wasn't it? Thanks for your comment! said...

I think Mother Nature is a drunken male idiot.

But be well and safe and in good spirits, my friend.

Love to you.

Yvonne said...

Robyn-hahaha! Has to be! :)

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