Wednesday, February 12, 2014

To My Valentine -Wherever He May Be

You are somewhere in this world
lost and lonely.

I don't know who you are yet

I can't see your face
But I know your heart
and it belongs to me
Just as mine,
belongs to you

You yearn for a woman to help

bring out the best in you,
to laugh with you,
cry with you,
grow with you

You search and search

through dates, relationships and insignificant encounters

Time is not important

Who can  put time restraints on matters of the heart?

And so I wait,

for you,
my love.

As has become customary for me, I am re-posting this poem I wrote a couple of years ago.  Every Valentine's Day since then, I post it.  Hey, you never know, he just might read it one day! :)

Happy Valentine's Day bloggies! Wishing you love and kisses and flowers and sweet nothings.  And chocolate.  Lots of chocolate, of course.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

love hurts

sometimes, i cry out loud
the pain is so intense 

no matter what i do
no matter how much 
i try, it's never enough

you are exhausting
you drain my emotions
i am left spent

you take 
and you take
and leave me empty

loving you is easy
it's what happens after 
that causes my angst

you are oblivious 
clueless of the consequences
that your selfishness causes

your words 
your actions
your indifference
cut deeper
than any knife ever could

and yet 
i love you
all of you

how much longer?

Monday, February 3, 2014

Circle of Life - It's Inevitable

My 91 year old year old grandmother passed away earlier this afternoon. (It's technically already Monday, but she passed away on Sunday) Suddenly, everything else happening in the world, really didn't seem as important anymore.  My grandma was an amazing woman.  She lived a long and fruitful life. She came to the United States from Nicaragua when she was very young.  Not long after, she met and married my grandfather and they raised 5 children.  One of them, my dad.  My grandma was a spitfire.  She was always laughing and loved to dance and sing.  She sang loud and proud and didn't care who heard her or who didn't want to hear her.  She sang.  She also loved wearing flowers in her hair, or tucked behind her ear.  It didn't matter the season, or the occasion, if she saw a flower, it was highly likely that she was going gt wear it. She also loved wearing bright red lipstick.  I think I inherited that trait.  She also never met a stranger and was the life of the party. Always.  She loved me.  I was her first grandchild, how could she not? Although her death was not unexpected, as she had been in a hospice for over a month now, it still jolted all of us.  My dad is taking it the hardest.  I'm mostly worried about him.  She was his everything.  He was a mama's boy.  Even now, at his 74 years of age.  I am very sad, but I haven't cried.  At Sunday mass this evening, as I was praying for her soul, I started to cry but made myself stop, because if I didn't, the dam would break and I wouldn't be able to control them.  I haven't shed a tear since.

Not really the way I was going to spend my Sunday.  But then, since when does life let you plan anything?

Heaven gained another angel today.  La quiero mucho abuelita, que en paz descanse.

Maria Mercado aka "Abue" short for Abuela

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