Saturday, January 29, 2011

If Only For Tonight

I long to be touched
I yearn to feel
Awaken this still heart of mine

Steal my time
with your kisses
your desire

Let consequences and concerns be forgotten
The only thing that matters 
is right here and right now.

Take me to that place
where inhibitions cease to exist.

Devour my mouth
my body
my soul.

Kiss my mind.
Satiate this craving that we both have
until there is nothing left to give.

If only for tonight.


not displayed said...


Joy said...

"Kiss my mind" - beautiful!!!


Anonymous said...

Wow. Loved this. Thanks for sharing. It's beautiful.

Poetry of the Day said...

this is so nice

Yvonne said...

mynx - thank you!

kelley - glad you liked it!

jewels - thanks!

poetry of the day - thanks!

all - if you guys only knew! i almost deleted this post as soon i hit "publish" because i wasn't happy with it. glad i kept it up. thank you!! ;)

tattytiara said...

Gorgeously earnest.

Belle said...

Really beautiful!

Yvonne said...

tattytiara -thanks for dropping by! and for your comment. glad you liked it. do come back! :)

belle - why thank you! :) said...

Wow, Yvonne. I didn't know you write poetry. This is really sensual and beautiful.

Yvonne said...

RR- thanks! i try to write poetry. most of the time it's a lot of emotionally driven drivel! lol

SB said...

your mind is tres sexy!!!

Yvonne said...

LD - oui! lol

Sweaty said...

What a beauty! A gorgeous post and response to this week's Red Writing Hood prompt!

Am now your follower, my friend :)

Anonymous said...

beautiful flow and word choices!

Jenna said...

what a beautifully written take on the prompt. i love poetry, and you wove this together so well in such a small space!

Sara said...

This is a nice take on the prompt. I enjoyed reading this poem. I loved these lines:
"Steal my time
with your kisses
your desire

They are very sensual and powerful.

Well done:~)

Galit Breen said...

This is lovely! I adore that you went for poetry!

My fave line is this -Awaken this still heart of mine- It's perfect.

TMWHickman said...

"Steal my time
with your kisses
your desire

Perfect description of how desire 'telescopes' our focus.

I enjoyed it!

Evonne said...

I love this. Beautifully done!

sarah said...

Yes, have to agree - love the line, "kiss my mind." So wonderful!

Yvonne said...

dosweathesmallstuff- thanks so much for the follow and am glad you liked it!

delhibound- glad you like it! thanks so much!

jenna- am glad you enjoyed it!

sara- so glad you enjoyed it! thanks so much!

galit breen- i almost posted a short short story instead, glad i went with the poem. and glad you enjoyed it!

not just another mother blogger- awesome! thanks for your compliment!

evonne- i love your name! :) and am glad you liked it!

sarah- that's my favorite line as well!

Sandra said...

Satiate this craving.....oooooh! I'm going to try that line on Wayne tonight and see if I get 'some!'
It was fabulous! You are an artist!

Yvonne said...

Sandra -haha! Go forth and "satiate" my sister! hahahha

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