Monday, October 28, 2013

"I'm getting married in two years!"

this according to a medium/psychic that i had the pleasure of meeting at a halloween party i attended last weekend.  the party i'm referring to is the roaring twenties one i told you about a few posts ago.  it was held at my friends' home on a unseasonably (for houston) chilly night.  the theme was as i stated, roaring twenties. the house was decked out to be be a speakeasy, we even had to go  through a dark alley and give the door guy a password to gain entrance.  once inside, it was like walking into another era.  everything in that house from the guests in amazing costumes, to the music,  (think jazz, broadway, ragtime) to the decorations, definitely transported you to that prohibition era.  there were flappers (myself included), and gangsters (i saw a few al capones and jimmy hoffas) to cigar girls and even a few policemen.  it was indeed, a great party.

the hosts, old school friends of mine, hired a medium for the party.  this was no ordinary medium either.  she is highly regarded in the "psychic" industry and has a radio show as well.  guests were invited to get their fortune told or to speak to someone that was no longer living.  now, i've always been a skeptic about these sorts of things.  plus, the guilt from my very catholic upbringing is enough to keep any of that superstitious mumbo-jumbo out of my life.  however, on this night, i threw caution to the wind and experienced my first ever psychic reading.

Psychic:  "Hello! Nice to meet you..." (shakes my hand and offers me a seat)

Me:  "Hi!  Nice to meet you as well."

Psychic:  Blah, blah, blah (disclosure about readings)

Me:  Eyes start to glaze over...

Psychic:  "Now that that is out of the way, how can I help you? Do you have any questions you want to ask me? I'm yours for the next fifteen minutes"  she says as she starts the time clock.

And so it began.  For the next fifteen minutes this woman literally blew me away.  I sat in a chair, across the table, facing her.  She had a sheet of paper in front of her and held a pencil.  Ever so often she'd look at me and scribble back and forth.  The only information I gave her was my name and my age.  I asked her superficial questions.

"What of love for me"

"Tell me about my future as a writer"

"Talk to me about my family"

Each answer she gave me, sent chills down my spine. Seriously.  This woman who I'd never met before, told me things that she could not possibly have known.  And they weren't mundane things.  They were rather specific, down to the date and sometimes hour.  But what really just cracked me up (I laughed on the inside) was when she talked to me about love.  She told me that I had not yet met the man of my dreams.  -Um, hello?  I know that! She said that he was on his way, but I had to be patient.  And?  He drives a blue vehicle. She was not sure if it was a truck (gross!) or a SUV type of car.  Also, she said that he was very particular about his shoes.  He either took great care of them or wore boots.  She told me other things about this alleged person but this is what most stuck with me.  So now, any guy I ever go out with again, if he's driving a blue vehicle, you know I'm going to start planning a wedding! muahahahaha!

there you have it.  In two years, I'm going to meet this man and we're going to get married.  And all of you are invited.  See? My dating woes are ovah!  My mom will be ecstatic! :)

Alright kids, have any of you ever gone to a psychic? Had your palms read? Anyone?  Did you do it for fun (like me) or do you take this type of thing seriously?  I'm curious to know what you have to say about this, if anything.

Mark your calendars and save the date.

Ok now that that is out of the way.  What's up kids?  Who else has gone to Halloween parties?  I just went to another one this past Saturday, which is why I was like a zombie all day today.  Good times, good times...What else is going on in your  corner of the world?  Share with me...

I'm a little sad, my favorite month of the year is almost over.  :(

Alright, I need to go take a little 5 hour nap or I will be a zombie again tomorrow and my boss would not like that. heh.

You know the drill, it's a new week, make it count.

Come on, you knew I was going to post a picture!  Be gentle.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

breaking up is hard to do -so is forgetting...

this break-up business is for the birds.  seriously.  i'm so ready to be over it and yet, here i am, writing about not being able to be over it.  this blows.  and not in a good way.  while it's gotten a little bit easier, and by that i mean, i'm not crying every five minutes, it's still difficult for my heart to assimilate what my head already has.  i have good days and bad days and then days that just need not to be spoken of, ever again.  i've gone through my "i'm gonna drink myself into oblivion" phase, my anger phase, my feeling sorry for myself phase and now, i'm in the "miss him so much i can't stand myself" phase.  yeah. that's where i am right now.  oh i've been keeping myself busy.  doing all the right things one does when trying to get over someone.  and it helps, it really does, to have a support system readily available to you.  my support crew is awesome.  but even with that, when you're alone, winding down after a long day, with only yourself to keep you company, that's when it gets a little crazy.  a lot of times i just want to shut off  this mind of mine.  just tell it to stop playing scenes over and over in my head. but it doesn't listen, dammit.  it just doesn't listen.  meh.  i know it's going to get better. and i will be better.  eventually.

funny thing about breaking up with someone, all of a sudden, everyone's got a friend that they would just LOVE you to meet.  i love them for trying but please, give me some space and lots and lots of time.  the last thing i need right now is to jump into another relationship.  still, i can guarantee that my friends will not stop trying.  especially now, since the holidays are almost upon us.  i'm thinking of starting my own order of nuns.  what do you think?  i know my stuff. i'm catholic, went to catholic school for twelve years.  know the nuns' habits (see what i did there?)  and am sure i can recruit at least five other women like me.  heh.  think it'll fly?  yeah, me either.

alright, that's my cue to go night night.  tomorrow is another day.  make it count bloggies.  and if you're still reading, you're awesome.  thanks for the support.

come back in a few days.  we'll catch up, sing kumbaya and hug.  kidding.  no really, i'm kidding.

is it friday yet???

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

words and music -spot-lighting local talent

every once in a while i read an article or a short story that leaves me with warm fuzzies inside.  last week sometime, i read just that.  a friend of mine (actually we just met but still, friend nonetheless) who happens to write for a local weekly paper, wrote an article having to do with his children who happen to be musicians. apparently, some very closed-minded individual made a few quirps to my friend about the legitimacy of his kids' career choices.  basically the bafoon was saying that being a musician was not a "real" job.  or something along those lines.  like any good parent whose baby-cubs have just been insulted or portrayed badly would do, my friend kicked his ass  got back at him by doing what he knows best, being the bigger person and airing his ires in print.  he wrote the article here:

the whole gist of the article was geared yes to give that chump a lesson in individualism and following your dreams in this very short life of ours, but also to bring to light the fact that so many of us (myself included) get sucked into a "job" and fall into the abyss of that job.  let me tell you something, getting out of that abyss is torture and some people never find their way out.  so what happens? they let their soul rot and their dreams die.  which is why doing what you love, what makes you happy -hell that could mean being a dog sitter or a bus driver or even a writer -whatever it is, as long as you are happy with you life and what you do for a living, then that's all that really matters.  the other stuff is just fluff.  anyway, that's what i got out of jesse's article.

i love live music. i support it here in houston, every chance i get.  i have quite a few friends who are musicians in various musical genres.  some are local, some work for famous people and some just like to jam every now and again.  it's all good. i will gladly lend my hand whenever possible.  so it was a no-brainer when after reading jesse's article, that i decided to bring these kids' music to the spotlight -or my blog, which to me, IS a spotlight.

meet marissa and jesse sendejas, jr.  a brother and sister duo from houston, texas (no, not like the other brother/sister duo aka donny and marie) who both respectively have their own music agenda. jesse plays in a band called days n daze.  his sister marissa, is a budding solo artist who also from sings with days n daze.  their music may not be everyone's cup of latte and that's okay.  it's not mine either, but i wanted to blog about them because they  really are very  talented and  hard-working kids. and i respect that. they write their own music, play all their instruments and pound the pavement, knocking on doors, asking for a shot at showcasing their talents.  i have not seen them perform, but i am sure i will sometime.  i've listened to a few of their songs and best i can describe their music is folk with a twist.  some soft intros, strong and reverberating finishes.  i know this description is not giving their music justice.  my apologies sent in advance. so why don't you just check them out for yourself



and here:

i'm especially looking at you -my h-town bloggies. show some love.  but of course, everyone else is welcome to check them out as well.  after all, sharing is caring, friends.  sharing is caring.

thanks for dropping by. do me a favor, do what makes you feel alive.  and if you don't know what that is yet, keep trying until you do.


Monday, October 7, 2013

dear sleep, i'm sorry. please come back.

howdy kids.  it seems i have a bout of insomnia therefore, tomorrow morning is going to suck.  so is the afternoon.  and the drive home.  i'm already dreaming of coming home from work and my bed.  but enough of me getting ahead of myself.  how was everyone's weekend? share with me.

my weekend? well my weekend was kind of fabulous actually.  it started on thursday and ended a few hours ago.  i am a year older now.  yeah, the birthday fairy came knocking on my door a few days ago.  to commemorate this most auspicious occasion, i had myself a little happy hour (or hours, same difference) at one of my favorite spots in the h.  tons of friends came by and wished me well, raised a few glasses with me and some even danced with me.  i partied like a rock star that night and the next morning, i paid for it dearly.  did i mention i had to work the next day? yeah.  i not only looked like a zombie but felt like one as well.  no worries though, i had a blast and regret nothing.  friday and saturday were crazy fun.  yvonne's birthday palooza was in full effect until about four hours ago.  i love my life.  as much as i bitch about it sometimes, i am very blessed, fortunate and very grateful for everything that i have.  even the bad stuff.  because of course, that only makes me stronger.  and i'm strong, like bull.  heh.

do you ever have people tell you things because they are "looking out for your best interest"?  but in reality, it's really because they are being nosy and want to meddle in your life.  i have a few of those pesky individuals.  in fact, very recently, i was told that i "party" too much.  that i "go out every day of the week" -pfft! as if that's even possible for me anymore.  when i was in college and my early thirties, no doubt!  but now?  puh-lease.  my little yvonne-palooza is going to take the whole month of october for me to recuperate. :)   seriously though, what is it with these people?  i always feel as if i have to justify my actions. which  really makes no sense because i don't even give my own father justifications.  case in point. i have a facebook account.  who doesn't, right?  i post stuff on there randomly.  pictures, whatever.  i go out sometimes, i post where i am.  i take pictures? i post them.  what happens when i do this?  i get emails or texts from these so called "interested parties", telling me that i'm such a party animal or that i need to slow down.  slow down from what exactly?  i have no one to report back to.  i have no kids.  i have no pets.  what is their problem exactly? jealous much?  bleh.  i don't even know why i'm writing about this.  maybe because i'm super tired and i want to go to sleep but sleep escapes me.

in other news, the boy and i are no longer dating.  it wasn't a pretty ending.  and it was very painful.  but life goes on.  and that's all i'm saying about that.

moving on.

i found my halloween costumes.  come on, you knew i would.  i'm going to be a cigarette girl for the roaring twenties themed party i'm attending and thelma evans for the seventies themed party i am also attending.  for you youngsters not in the know and for everyone else who is clueless.  thelma evans was a television character for a sitcom called "good times".  it aired back in the early seventies.  yes, the seventies.  it was about a poor family, trying to make a buck and keep from being evicted.  but mostly, it was about family sticking together.  i used to love that show. it was quite entertaining.  anyway, thelma went through various stages with her hair.  i'm going the be the thelma that wore her hair in an afro.  can't wait for pics, right?

all in all, i had a blasty blast weekend.  except for the texans loss.  that game was torture to watch.  i love you guys but yerkillingme!!!

well kids, i better go take a little 5 hour nap or i'm going to be worthless at work tomorrow.

thanks for indulging me. you're the best.

have a great week!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Hello October, you sexy thing you!

I love this month.  It's the prelude to the crazy holidays.  It's the month where children and adults alike, play dress up and wear costumes.  It's also the time of year where the leaves start changing colors, the winds bring in cooler temperatures (Houstonians can only hope), and oh yeah, it's my birthday month.  See?  It's the most wonderful time of the year!  Ok not today though, today a lot of my friends, along with other Americans, were sent home from work and put on leave indefinitely.  Thank you Congress.  I'm not about to delve into politics in this post, but I would be remiss if I didn't mention all of those people who now do not have a job to go to in the morning.  I pray that this nightmare ends soon, for all of us.

Alright, as you may have noticed, (the few of you that still read this blog) I've been absent from these parts lately. Not entirely though.  I still read some of your blogs and comment here and there, but for the most part, my blog has been silent.  (except for posting sappy poems and reveling in the Texans' victories -minus last week's debacle!!!)  I have been dealing with a lot of inner battles.  I'm also trying to grasp the notion that the day after tomorrow I will turn 47 years old.  Let that sink in will you? 


Yeah, I  can't believe it either.  That's sooooo close to fifty, that it makes me sick.  Really.  And perhaps that is why I've been so quiet (in the blog-o-sphere).  Aside from the age thing, this past summer I said good-bye to someone that was a very important part of my life and now isn't anymore.  You've heard that saying, "Surround yourself with positive people and purge the negative ones out" ?  Well, I purged.  It was a long time coming and even though it hurt worse than when I had kidney stones, I did it.  And I'm better for it.  Or I will be.  Just as soon as my heart is happy again.  

My sister told me I am going through a mid-life crisis.  Mid-life.  Seriously.  What the fuck???  The thing is, I don't feel old and I certainly don't think I look old (God bless my parents' genes) but it's there.  My age. And to add insult to injury, I'm single.  *GASP*  And don't have any children. *GASP*  Not even a pet.  -Now that's just sad.  

Anyway, my married friends never fail to remind me of this and as for my family, well there are a few of them that have formed prayer vigils in the hopes I might find a beloved and miraculously be with child, so I can live happily ever after like them.  

But anyway, enough of this.  I just wanted to give you some sort of insight as to what's been going on with me lately and also, to welcome this wonderful month.  And it will be wonderful because I said so and because I know so.  

Hope all of you have had a lovely day and wish you a fantastic rest of the week.  Come back, I'll redeem myself, I promise.  :)


about a girl...

what can you say about a girl who loves without boundaries
gives of herself 100 percent? of that same girl, who falls in love with someone who is not worthy of even a morsel of her heart, of her time? this girl that allows that someone to use her, if it means that that she has his time, however brief?

would you tell her she was pathetic?
would you feel sorry for her?
would you hope beyond hope, that she realizes what she was doing?

what if this girl told you,  that she knows
she knows he doesn't love her back
she knows he is using her
she knows she is allowing it
she knows he is a jerk

what then?

what words of wisom would you give her?

how does she get off of that toxic merry-go-round?
how does she realize her worth?

this girl is lost
scratching and digging her way back to herself


Chapter 56

The sunlight peeping through the curtains, stir her from her sleep.  Her eyes open and she rubs them a bit before sitting up in bed.  Eyes n...