Saturday, October 13, 2018

Baseball, Astros and Mindless After-hours Jibberish

It's been a long week.  Ever since the Houston Astros clinched the division, it's been a long week.  It's 12:30 a.m. now, so only a few more hours until game time.  Am I excited? Uh, do you even know me??? (if you are a longtime follower, you do)  I'm nervous and excited and anxious for the series against the Boston Red Sox to begin.  It's not that I doubt my team, no that's not it.   Being a long time Astros fan and witnessing season after season of gut-wrenching losses, takes a toll even on the most loyal fan you know? And even though we are still the reigning World Series Champions and have a chance of repeating,  I still think we suffer from PTSD.  No one gets it unless you are from Houston and a fan of any of our sports teams. -Don't get me started. Nonetheless, I'm a die-hard Astros fan and a firm believer that our boys will take this series and then take the prize in the next one. Fingers, toes, eyes crossed.  Ok maybe not the eyes so much.  Heh.  

One of my co-workers is very superstitious.  He is also a super crazed fan of the Astros.  He wore the same socks the entire Cleveland Indians series.  And he says that when the Astros advance to the World Series, he will not shave until the last out of the last game of the series.  Because that's what he did last year and we won.  I didn't go to that extreme.  All I did was sit in the same spot each game. If we were at a bar, I sat at the same table in the same chair.  If we watched at someone's house, I sat in the same position the entire game and drank the same amount of beverages liquor as the night before. Because you know, the outcome of the game was on my shoulders. Ok, reading what I just wrote does sound kind of weird. Perhaps I'm more extreme than I thought?

How about you?  Any superstitions or rituals you have before or during a game?  It doesn't have to be for this series, just in general. Share with me.

I'm super excited and can't wait for the first pitch!  


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