Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Whirlwind -Inside my mind and other quandaries

 Texas froze.  People froze to death, literally.  A new variant emerged.  Governor Abbott and a bunch of other imbeciles decided they know what's best for women in the state of Texas and took away our right to choose. (for the record, not that it is anyone's business, I'm pro-life.  However, I take issue with those that want to decide what is best for any woman's body.  Makes my blood boil.  Oh but that is another post for another time.  Nonetheless, I'm sure Ruth Bader Ginsburg is turning in her grave. 

Where was I? Oh yes, mask vs. no mask fights.  "...but my rights" assaults against airlines, grocery store employees, bank employees, hell, innocent bystanders.  Let's see anything else? Oh yes, Hurricane Nicholas is wreaking havoc along our Texas coast as I type.  -We are the popular state lately, eh?  So I'm sitting here, having post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) from the freeze back in February, because our power may or may not go out tonight.  Currently, 52,000 are without power. Again.  Still.  Power grid be damned right Gregie?  Anyway, my nerves are everywhere.  I can't keep still.  My thoughts are erratic and sleep is out of the questions at this point.  I live in Houston.  It seems that we will not receive the brunt of  the rain as originally thought, but we will experience the winds.  Hmm, flooding or wind damage? Which to choose?  

I've lived here all of my life.  Yet, every June 1st I cringe because it's the start of hurricane season.  This was a tropical storm when I woke up this morning -err, yesterday morning now.  By early evening it became a Cat-1 hurricane.  No stranger to major storms at all, we ALL know what to do to prepare.  Sometimes the meteorologists are spot on and other times they are not.  Through no fault of their own of course.  I mean, storms have their own agenda and change course constantly.  

My heart goes out to all who are being directly affected.  I pray that damage is minimal and no loss of life occurs.  Send us your prayers, good vibes, good karma -we need anything we can get.

Oh yeah.  Almost forgot.  I was watching the news earlier and as the reporter was doing a live shot in Galveston, guess who walked by?  Check it out.

Man dressed as Michael Myers from 'Halloween' arrested in Galveston ahead of Hurricane Nicholas - ABC13 Houston

Who says Texas has no sense of humor? 

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