Sunday, February 14, 2016

Love Is In the Air

Happy Valentine's Day bloggies!  I hope all of you share and/or receive a little love today.  Actually, I hope you receive it every day.  So many people have no clue what love is. I'm not just speaking of the romantic aspect of it.  I'm talking about the kind of love you may have for a child, a pet, a parent, a friend, your work, life.

I had a fantastic day today (or yesterday depending on your time  zone)  all day my heart was full and happy.  You know, I have much to be grateful for and so many people who love me and whom i love in return.  Sometimes, in the hustle and bustle of this chaotic world we live in, I tend to forget just how lucky i really am.

And speaking about love.  for those faithful bloggers of mine, you may remember that I often wrote about "HIM".  He is sprinkled all over this blog of mine, especially in the early years.  Unbeknownst to him, he inspired quite a few poems and even a short, short story that can be found here:  Warning if you read it, I used a lot of exclamation points back then.  I dunno why.  ;)

Well, he's getting married next weekend.  I ran into him almost two years ago at a bar and we chatted briefly, and I remember how even still, he gave me butterflies in my stomach.  But I also knew that he would always be that guy, the one that all of us (women -or men if that's your liking) have had in our lives.  You know the one, the guy that made us blush and our hearts race and knees go weak and leave us hot and bothered all at once?  The guy that you knew was not for you, but you wouldn't turn him away if he came knocking -I'm just saying  The guy that exuded so much sexiness that you melted just at the sight of him.  Yeah that kind of guy.  Yeah, that's what he is and always will be to me.  And I can honestly say that I finally did get over him.  It took awhile, but I did get over him.  He wasn't my first love or anything like that, but he was someone that I loved very much.  And still do, just in a different way now.  A few months ago, I accepted his friend request on Facebook.  And it's a good thing.  I enjoy reading about his life from time to time.  I'm so very happy for him and his upcoming marriage. He's a really, really good guy.  Even if he was kind of a big jerk to me at times.  Even still, he is a sweetheart.  And I want nothing but the best  for him.  I hope he and his wife have lots of babies.  He's still hot and she is gorgeous.  Those are some cute babies in the making. So papito, cheers to you on your upcoming wedding.

So lovies, what bodes for you on this Valentine's Day? Whatever it is, may you get a lot of it and give a lot of it in return and be blissfully happy.  Kisses, hugs and lots of love to all of you.


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