Monday, August 28, 2017

A City Under Water

The rain won't stop.  It's now a little past midnight on Sunday or early Monday morning rather.  By now, I am certain that many or most of you have heard that Hurricane Harvey struck the Texas Gulf Coast.  It made landfall between Port Aransas and Port O'Connor.  Approximately 200-210 miles from Houston.  While Rockport, Texas was hit hard by the landfall, the remnants of the tropical storm was saved for us. 

As of now, my family and I are safe.  We are all scattered throughout the city in our own homes, but everyone is safe.  The rain won't stop.  The incessant warnings coming from the tv screen and the cell phones sound like curdling screams.  We have been under tornado watches, tornado warnings, flood watches and flood warnings since last night.  Earlier on Sunday, the water kept inching closer and closer to my front door.  In a panic, I filled trash bags with towels, squishing them together until the bag resembled a cheap bean bag.  And I plopped them along the entry way and my front and back door, hoping that they will keep the water out.  I don't know if it will work yet because thank God the water started receding when the rain let up.  I sighed relief but it was short-lived.  The rain started again in the late afternoon and has not stopped.  I keep looking outside the window hoping that I don't see the glistening of the water as it falls into the rain made lake that has taken over our street.  From my window I can see the neighbors house across the street.  Their yellow fluorescent porch light shows me that the water is up to the tires of their cars. 

My heart sinks to the pit of my stomach.

Please God, keep our homes free from water.  I check on my family and friends throughout the day.  We all wish each other well and hope for the best.  And I watch the 24 hour news coverage.  The images that I have seen are heart-breaking, gut-wrenching and tug at your heart until you have your own river of tears flowing down your face.  So many people stranded.  Chased out of their homes by the torrential rains.  Families leaving their homes with just the clothes they were wearing.  Imagine seeing people huddled atop the roofs of their homes, waiting for air and/or water rescue.  Some of those people are still waiting.  Alot of those people have children of all ages with them.  And I can't help but think, "there but for the grace of God, go I" 


The silver-linings in this chaos of a storm (there are several) are heart-warming.  The news reporter that put his mic down while doing a live shot, so that he could help lift an elderly gentleman into a boat because he was not able to lift his legs over for himself.  The humanity of total strangers, just showing up with their own boats, trucks, tools, food and clothes donations ready to help out.  The outpouring of love and support and solidarity not only from our surrounding states but from across the country.  This.  This is what we are about.  During catastrophic times such as these, we see the best in people.  It made my heart smile. 

We've seen quite a few hurricanes and tropical storms before..  This is not our first rodeo, after all.  However, this is the first time that our city was literally taken hostage by the aftermath of such a horrific storm.  We have been crippled, brought to our knees.

The meteorologists are forecasting more rain for at least two more days.  TWO.MORE.DAYS.  Lord help us because aside from the rain and flooding jazz.  I've been cooped up with my mom and my aunt since Friday.  What's wrong with that?  Think The Golden Girls but on caffeine.  #sendxanax

Well it seems the rain has stopped for a bit.  I'm about to check on the flooding situation and then pass out on my bed.  Maybe.  I only slept two hours last night.

Do me a favor, if you pray, pray for us..  Or meditate.  Or send us your positive thoughts.  Whatever it is that you do, do it, please. 

Friday, August 25, 2017

An Eclipse, A Hurricane and Bronchitis Walk into A Bar...

Well this has been an exciting week eh?  It started with Monday's epic total Solar Eclipse and then my pneumonia that turned into bronchitis (fun times), and then by mid-week we had ourselves a Tropical Depression which turned into a Tropical Storm and is now Hurricane Harvey.  And? He's headed to Texas.  Specifically, Corpus Christi. Which is not Houston but we will still feel the effects and get the dirty side of the storm.   All that means is that we'll get the all the rain and storms and crap like that.  Did I mention it's not even Friday yet? Oops now it is, I just glanced at the clock.  I will be paying for it in the morning for sure.

So back to my weird week. 

I got sick last week, was diagnosed with Walking Pneumonia which may as well be called Walking Dead because that is how I felt.  I thought I was getting better but had a horrible weekend, with a visit to the local Urgent Care on Saturday night. (hey who says I don't know how to party?)  This is when they told me I now had bronchitis.  -I'm so lucky.  Well, I went to work on Monday and felt better actually.  Or maybe the eclipse had something to do with it. ;)  Speaking of the eclipse.  Was that not the most awesome thing ever?  We were fortunate to have one of our attorneys take a pair of the solar glasses to work.  We took turns sharing them and also sharing the cereal boxes that a few of us had made.  Hey don't laugh, those things actually worked.  I was giddy.  I loved every minute of it.  We were nowhere near the totality effect but it was still pretty amazing.  And hey, in 2024 Texas will be in the totality view of the next Solar eclipse.  That's exciting right?  Of course it is.  -Don't judge me.

And finally the massive Hurricane that is headed our way.  The storm is predicted to make land-fall on Friday night, early Saturday morning.  Our stores/gas stations/Targets/Wal-marts were all out of water and batteries and bread even!  Oh and even the liquor stores and wine aisles were barren.  -Hey we know our priorities.  There is talk of heavy flooding.  Again.  I'm fortunate (knock on wood) that my neighborhood is not flood prone but so many other people are not as fortunate.  I just hope and pray that we come out fairly unscathed.  And don't lose power.  Especially that.  I mean, it's AUGUST in HOUSTON.  Need I say more?

So to say that this has been an eventful week, is putting mildly.

That was my week.  How was yours?

Love is Love is Love

There is a saying in Spanish that says: "Donde hubo fuego, cenizas quedan"  Which loosely translated means: "Where there was once fire, embers remain" In this instance, the "fire" represents passion and the "embers" represents the love that never left, the love that remained.  In what has got to be the most romantic and craziest reconciliations I have ever heard of, I would like to tell you nay sayers and Debbie/David downers to open your heart up a little.  Drop the cynicism and believe in love.  And to all of the romantics (yours truly), never give up on true love. 

Let me tell you a little story. For the sake of brevity and privacy, I will not go into specific details nor name any names.

A little over 25 years ago a boy met a girl and they fell in love.  The boy says it was love at first sight and he knew that night he met her that he was going to marry her.  The girl says that he is the love of her life. They became inseparable from the day they met.  Neither of their families had ever seen either of them so happy.  Years later, they did indeed marry and had two children.  Years after that, there was an ugly and bitter divorce.  It was a sad time for them and for their children.  Each of them went their separate ways.  Life took both of them through many roads, some rough, some smooth and some just too painful to mention.   And yet, almost ten years after the divorce, through what I can only call Divine Intervention with Cupid's help, the boy and the girl, re-ignited those embers that had remained through the years.  The love that they had for one another, blossomed once again.  They re-married this summer and I've never seen them happier.  It took all of us by surprise to say the least.  Maybe even them. Ha!  Good ol' cupid being sneaky like that.  Their families are over the moon excited and happy for them and pray that God blesses their marriage for a lifetime. 

The End.

So you see bloggies, anything is possible.   Their story fills my heart with hope and with, well, with love. 

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