Saturday, September 13, 2014

september: in with a bang! literally...

As the title of this post says, September did indeed come in with a bang and then some.  I was involved in a car accident on Wednesday afternoon.  For the most part, I'm fine.  I mean, I have very ugly looking bruises all over my body, my neck has a few lacerations, hurts like a b****! And my arm is killing me.  I'm grateful for pain medication.  But as I said, for the most part, I'm fine.  Thank God.  My car on the other hand, is not.  It died instantly.  I watched it fall apart before my eyes, pieces falling off, smoke coming out of it, it was painful to watch.  We had a good run, albeit a short one.  But alas, life goes on.

In other news, I have recently come to the realization that the Love bug has it out for me.  Seriously. Otherwise, how else can you explain how it keeps playing dirty tricks on me?  Latest trick?  Letting me meet a wonderful and exceptionally sweet and kind man.  Dangling him in front of me, letting me fall for him only to learn, that we met at the  wrong time in our lives.  Timing is everything.  Apparently, I keep sleeping through the alarm.  As I let out a deep sigh, I lick my wounds and go on with life.  After all? The alternative would be death and I'm just not ready for that yet.  heh.

Friends and family have been so great about checking on me and making sure I was ok.  The fact is, I have a lot of people in my  life that love me and care for and worry for me.  And my  cup overflows.  I have nothing to be down about.  I'm richer beyond whatever worth money could ever bring me.  Not going to lie though, a few Benjamins in my pocket would be nice, but if that never happens, I am still wealthy in love and family and friends.  Who could ask for more?

It's Saturday afternoon kids, make it a great one.


Thursday, September 4, 2014

Hello September

Greetings and salutations bloggies.  I'm not sure who still reads this little blog of mine but in the off chance that someone is out there, I thank you.  :)

I've been quiet for a while dealing with life and all that it throws at us.  Some things have been heavier and harder to deal with than others but the chaos that is my life, is slowly returning back to normal.  And by normal, I mean "less crazy".

September is here.  Wow, where did the summer go?  I for one, had a great summer.  The ending may have sucked a little bit for me, but all in all it was a great one.  But now it's time to focus on the beginning of  Fall.  Yes we have that season here in Houston.  Well, some days we do and some days it's still Summer.  But on those days that we have it, we love it.  Or I do anyway.  The air is crisp, the leaves change colors, the season of festivals and football  begins. Good times ahead.

So tell me kids, what's been going on with you?   How was your summer? I've missed you guys.  Let's reconnect.  :)

As always, thanks for dropping by and get ready to be bombarded with more mindless posts, sappy love poems and anything else that forms in my head.  I'll think it and you'll read it.  -You're welcome.

And because I love this song and well it's September, I thought I'd share this with you...

Have a great weekend!

Chapter 56

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