Monday, March 15, 2021

when my mind wonders...

my love,

i often wonder if you still think of me when you look up at night and see the beautiful, mystical moon illuminating your corner of the world.  

or if, on a particularly beautiful day where the sky is as blue as the ocean but peppered with a few white, puffy clouds, i wonder if you try and form shapes out of them just like i used to do.

i wonder about alot of things.  

but i try not to do that often because when i do, an overwhelming sadness wraps it's hold on me and the familiar pangs of longing for you begin to stir within me.  and the tears begin to fall.  i can taste the salty tears as they trickle down my face and over my lips.

it has been almost a year since i felt like this. 

until today.

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