Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sangria Sunday

sunday funday is in full effect here in houston.  spring has sprung, as it were.  and we're all the happier for it, believe me.  no more sweaters, turtle necks, jackets, scarves, cute boots.  nope. say hello to shorts, tees, cute sandals and spring dresses.  at least until our bipolar friend aka mother nature, spoils our moment again.

besides the spectacular weather, i'm also giddy with excitement because the countdown to the baseball season and another astros opening day, is but a mere two days away.  longtime followers of my blog will recognize my excitement but for my newest readers, i will tell you that i am a huge baseball fan.  in particular, a huge astros fan.  i have been since i was probably old enough to walk, thanks to my daddy.  no fair weather fan here, that's for sure.  win or lose, suck or not, stadium almost empty or not, i'm still a fan. most people (ok my friends) look at me with this look of "you must be crazy!" or give me a "aww, i'm sorry" look when they see me at the ballpark on opening day. i just ignore them.  poor souls.

it's become a tradition for me and my friend michelle to attend the home opener and partake in the street festival that takes place prior to the game.  so yeah, i'm excited.  i had already scheduled the day off to take care of some other business so the game will be the icing on the cake that day.  all i have left to say is, "play ball!"  

in other news, i've recently decided to clean house, so to speak, with regard to the "dead weights" in my life.
not to sound harsh, but in reality, some of these people are only in my life to take up space and precious air. i don't need negativity or stupidity in my life right now, or ever.   i need stability, support, encouragement and loyalty.  i give the same.  and while i realize no one is ever going to get the same return as what they put out, these certain individuals who were privvy to my life, were only in  it to see what was in it for them.  and that's it. well, no more doormat, no more ms, nice guy.  like a fairy godmother, i've zapped the wand and said "poof be gone!"  and now they are.  and life is good.

well bloggies, it's sunday afternoon, a little too much sangria for me, i will regret this post tomorrow i'm sure. :

hope you're enjoying your day in your little corner of the world.

come back, i'll even be sober. heh. :)

be good.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

i'm baaaack!

testing, testing, is this thing on? can anyone hear me? or better yet, is anyone still here?  i know, i know, i've been a bad blogger and an even worse blog visitor.  i've been neglecting my bloggies and that's just so wrong.  my apologies dear ones.  i have no real excuse other than, i just didn't want to blog.  nothing else.  but i'm back and i promise to visit your play pens just as soon as i can.  pinky swear and all that.

well, we're midway through march.  how's that working out for you so far?  i can tell you how it's not working out for me.  for instance, i have not won the lotto.  i have not lost 20lbs like i am supposed to. -though, that one may still happen.  i still have seven days to go. heh.  oh and i have not met anyone of the male persuasion that i may be even remotely interested in dating.  wait that's not entirely true.  i did meet someone that i would love or would have loved to get to know.  but alas, he is married.  so i moved him to the friend zone stat.  and there he will remain, until death do them part.

other than that, i have just been working like a crazed person.  and stressed like i imagine president obama to be every day.  i wonder if he has knots at the back of his neck like i do.  but relax, i've started or will start (heh) a new workout regimine that hopefully, will take care of the knots in my neck.  i just have to keep reminding myself to take it easy breezy and not sweat the small stuff.  easier said than done yeah?  but i have to because if not, i will lose my mind. what's left of it.

so anyway, what's going on over here?  i know that one of my wonderful and beautiful fellow bloggers and author got married last week. on st. patrick's day actually.  good for her.  she is not only talented and a gifted writer, but absolutely gorgeous to boot.  congratulation again jennifer!
we have yet to meet.  hopefully before the end of the year, something will happen.

anyone else get married? spill it.

well it's almost the bewitching hour.  do me a favor, come back.

new week.  make it a great one!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Moving forward, catching up

Happy 1st  day of March everyone. Whew. So glad to see February go.  It was a month filled with so much sadness and grief that I don't think my emotional state could have handled much more.  As most of you know, the month began with the death of my beloved grandmother, followed by the diagnosis of cancer for a friend of mine, and her subsequent and very sudden death, three weeks later.  That coupled with the emotional roller coaster of a relationship I have had with my, with the manfriend that is also dealing with his cancer, well, it just all took a toll on me and I kind of had to just, check out for a while.  But you know me, I can't stay away too long.  I'm back, still broken and hurting but ready to keep moving forward.  Life keeps going, no matter what happens.  It keeps going and I plan to move along with it.

Today is also the day I start counting down to the Astros Opening Day.  Those that have followed and read my blog throughout the years, know that I am a huge baseball fan.  Particularly, a huge Astros fan.  And Opening Day is a pretty big deal to me.  Yeah I know they are in last place, yeah I am heckled by friend and foe alike because I am still a fan and yeah, I get discouraged after every loss, but you know what? I'm optomistic this upcoming season and I'm still cheering for them.  Win or lose.  -Mostly lose. ha!  Anyway, for the past oh, eight years or so, my friends and I have made it a tradition to go to the home opener.  We either take the day off or work half a day and enjoy the street festivities, have lunch somewhere nearby, and then finally go into the ballpark to watch the game. So there you go, the countdown begins NOW.

Talk to me bloggies, what's been going on in your corner of the world? Was February good to you? Do tell...

Here's to a happier, healthier and groovier month of March, for all of us.

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