Sunday, March 31, 2013

sunday funday

happy easter everyone!  i hope all you (those that celebrate this holiday) have had a fabulous day!   and hopefully, not too many confetti eggs to the head.  someone decided that it would be "oh so cool!" to use glitter instead of confetti in the eggs.  so when all of the little ones were cracking the eggs on our heads, yours truly, received glitter on her head, on her  face, on her arms, i've got glitter in places that you don't even want to know about.  trust me.  i mean, i know i'm shiny like a star, but this just took it to a whole different level.  we know who the mastermind was and the matter has been discussed with his parentals.  i trust they will handle it.  if not, i'm going back for the kid!

you know what else happened today?  baseball season baby! that's right, today the houston astros opened their season by handing the texas rangers their proverbial asses on a silver platter.  as i've done for the past seven years now, i took part in opening day festivities with my partners in crime, aka michelle and maricela.  we had a late lunch at a nearby restaurant, then left our vehicles there, caught the shuttle to the stadium and literally ran as fast as we could, into the ballpark.  you see, mother nature thought it would be funny if she opened the heavens and let all this rain fall on us.  we were lucky.  it had only started drizzling when we got off the shuttle.  but as soon as we made it inside, all hell broke loose and other fans were not as lucky as we were.  they got drenched!  i love opening day! there is so much electricity in the air and just "warm and fuzzy" feelings everywhere!  lyle lovett sang the national anthem and houston texans player, jj watt threw out the first pitch.  -that was incredibly awesome!  yeah, yeah, i'm being a total girl.  oh and it was bittersweet to see former astros player, lance berkman in a trader  rangers uniform. it's okay, i still love him.  this was also our debut playing in the american league (gross!) as well.  i'm still pretty upset about that move, as i am with the logo change and the over priced tickets, and i'm only familiar with two of the players on the roster.  as the season continues, i hope to remedy that last part.  no matter what though, i'm an astros fan through and through.  the boys of summer are back!

it's sunday kids, make it a great week!


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

spring fever

“sweet spring is your time 
is my time 
is our time for springtime 
is lovetime and viva sweet love" -e.e. cummings

Happy First Day of Spring!  I love the Spring time, don't you?  I've made a list of reasons why I dig it so much, have a looksie!

1.   It always gives me a feeling of rebirth
2.   Opportunity for new beginnings
3.   More time to enjoy the sun.
4.   Sexy men in shorts or shirtless. Or? Scary looking men in shorts or shirtless.  Hmm...
5.   Tax refund time
6.   The International Festival (ifest) This year the country spotlighted will be Brazil.  I cannot wait!  For two      weeks H-town dons it's best apparel (hehehe) and showcases a country of choice.  There is all kinds of food    and musical acts and activities going on for the duration.  It all takes place in the downtown area and makes for good people watching.
7.   The Easter Bunny
8.   Baseball season starts
9.  Houston Astros Opening Day
10. Spring just makes me happy.

And there you have it folks, some of my reasons why I love this season. Did I mention hot guys?  I did? Ok, just making sure.  :)

Sunday, March 17, 2013

kiss me, i'm not irish

happy st. patrick’s day kids!  and even if you don’t partake in this green beer-leprechaun-wear green or get pinched-kissing holiday- (ok so we all know it’s not really a holiday. we just treat it as if it was)  years ago, i knew this guy who loved, loved, LOVED st. patty’s day.  he had no irish blood in his body, yet he felt compelled to celebrate as if he was born in ireland.  once, when i asked him why he loved it so much, he replied, “green beer, green beer, green beer.”  -yeah, made perfect sense to me, how about you?  anyway, not to be outdone by my true irish friends and even my non-irish friends, i too, partook (that’s not even a real word is it? who wants to google it?)  where was i? oh yeah, i also took part (better yes?) in all the shenanigans of the day.  a group of friends and i started at a quaint pub in mid-town and walked or stumbled to a few more bars along the way.  i saw leprechauns and funny costumes, and lots of green top hats, drank green sangria because i’m not a beer drinker.  i know, i know, shocking!  there was laughter and live bands, and dancing and singing and people trying to speak in irish accents, not to mention awesome spring weather.  all in all, a good day.  a great day actually.  haven’t had too many of those lately, so today, i was grateful for the change.

i’m still trying to find my mojo again.  it’s temporarily unavailable.  i’m positive it’s here, somewhere deep inside of me.  i just haven’t been able to lure it back out yet.  but i will.  in the meantime, do me a favor, have a fabulous week! 
be good

Monday, March 11, 2013

in a "monday" state of mind

the more things change, the more they stay the same.  i want off this crazy train, make it stop.  it seems that just when my life has found "direction" and a semblance of stability with just a pinch of success added to the mix, something happens that causes my peace and stability to fall off kilter.  again. so like so many times before, i pick myself up, assess the damage, try to come up with a game plan, and start over.  again.
how long before i don't have to start over anymore?  how long before i find my happy ending? whatever it may be?  how long?  great.  now u2's "sunday bloody sunday" is playing in my head.  and yours too, probably.  -you're welcome.  ugh! i can't even rant correctly!  as i was whining saying, "hasta cuando?"  meaning in spanish, "until when?" or as i translated it, how much longer? the thing is, i'm getting scared.  of failing.  of not finding that "happy place" -ever.  what if this is as good as it gets for me?  sigh.  in a state of quandry, indeed.

mondays usually suck anyway, right?  i'm glad this day is just about over.

make it a great week, kids!

Friday, March 8, 2013

midnight ramblings

a little after the bewitching hour and i'm still awake.
tomorrow morning is going to suck.

who else is up at this hour in blog land?

just me?  figures.

thanks for the words of encouragement and emails i received in response to my last post.  i appreciate all of you very much.  i'm doing better.  much better.  not great. just better.  i have good days and bad days.  today was a good day.  that's how i'm living my life these days.  one at a time.

it's rodeo time here in houston.  for those not in the know, the rodeo comes to town once a year.  for two and half weeks, our fair city reverts back to cowboy boots, huge belt buckles, horses, parades and plenty of bar-b-q -because every old western movie had a good bbq meal in it.  --yes i'm being sarcastic.  actually, this time of the year is a fun time.  if you're into the whole country western, ho-down scene.  surprisingly (again with the sarcasm) i am not.  i don't like country music.  i don't do rodeo stuff, unless you count staring at the hot cowboys in their tight wranglers, well then i'm all over that.  but eh, not a fan of the rodeo.  all of my friends are though.  i have some hardcore ladies and gents who live for this time of year.  seriously.  some volunteer to work the carnival, the livestock show, the concerts, -whatever it is, as long as they are a part of it somehow.  i can't wait until it's over.  the traffic is annoying.  more than usual.

i started working on a new short story.  i'm excited about it.  that's a very good thing.  i haven't been excited about much of anything lately.  so this makes me happy.  i've also thrown myself back into the gym.  i'm getting results, slowly, but i'm getting results.  another happy!

recently i parted ways with someone that in a very short time span, became a very good friend.  however, for reasons i still don't understand, we've parted ways.  that disappointed me and added to my sadness. but i accept it.  life is like a revolving door.  people come in and out of your life constantly.  i believe she served her purpose in my life and has moved on to continue her journey.  -eh, it works for me, to think this way.

i'm super excited about my relationship with my guy friend.  you know the one, we were best friends for many years and then had a falling out in mid 2010?  remember?  then we made up this past december,  after not speaking for two years.  remember now? yeah, him.  well, it's been a long road, but we're slowly mending our relationship and rebuilding that bridge of trust.  i love him to pieces and i know he loves me back just the same. this time around, we are more careful and more in tune with each others emotions and feelings.  it's a beautiful thing, really.  a beautiful thing.

oh here's something that's been bugging me.  what is it with friends who want to set you up the second after you break up with someone???  i mean, thanks for the gesture but can i dry my tears first???  i just don't get it.  and then, when you politely tell them that, "no i'm not interested, right now"  they get all upset!  why???

random thoughts on friday eve.  well now it's officially friday, so never mind.

yeah i know, i'm babbling.  i guess sleep has come a callin for me.

do me a favor, do something fun this weekend! then come back and tell me all about it!

be  good.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

it's over

breaking up with someone is a lot like death.  you mourn the loss.  you grieve for what used to be.  you cry.  a lot.  a whole lot.  the end of any relationship is devastating for sure.  the silver linings are there.  but we're so caught up in our grief that we don't see them.  but in time, we do.

time.  it's been said that time heals all wounds.  i've always liked that saying, because it rings true to me.  time does heal you, make you stronger and sometimes wiser.  so i'm counting on time, to do the same for me.  but what about the immense sadness that envelops you?  the tears eventually stop, but the sadness clings to your soul.

so the relationship i vaguely mentioned to you, with the man i met in december, ended on friday.  no need to go into petty details, just know that it was the best decision, for me.  and that's all that matters.  however, my heart, seems to think otherwise.  i haven't cried this much in years.  i feel lost and confused and so sad.  so very sad.   our time together was brief, but so much happened in so little time.

still, i would not change anything that transpired these past few months.  nothing. not one thing.  this relationship brought me a lot of happies, and experiences and love.  love came to me finally.  no it didn't last. and no, he wasn't the one.  but he was the one that showed me that i was capable of loving and being loved.  and for that, i am grateful.

don't get me wrong, i'm also pissed and hurt and have plotted bouts of revenge in my head, but that's normal.  isn't it? a friend of mine, told me over the weekend, as i was crying my eyes out, that i should get back at him.  but i won't.  it's done.  no need to look back or dwell on situations that have no solution.  and? i would only hurt myself in the process anyway.  no, instead, i'm going to get a doll that resembles him and stick needles in his eyes whenever i feel the urge to cause him bodily harm.  better don't you think?  that way no jail time, duh.

silver linings everywhere...

it's sunday kids, make it a great week.

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