Sunday, March 31, 2013

sunday funday

happy easter everyone!  i hope all you (those that celebrate this holiday) have had a fabulous day!   and hopefully, not too many confetti eggs to the head.  someone decided that it would be "oh so cool!" to use glitter instead of confetti in the eggs.  so when all of the little ones were cracking the eggs on our heads, yours truly, received glitter on her head, on her  face, on her arms, i've got glitter in places that you don't even want to know about.  trust me.  i mean, i know i'm shiny like a star, but this just took it to a whole different level.  we know who the mastermind was and the matter has been discussed with his parentals.  i trust they will handle it.  if not, i'm going back for the kid!

you know what else happened today?  baseball season baby! that's right, today the houston astros opened their season by handing the texas rangers their proverbial asses on a silver platter.  as i've done for the past seven years now, i took part in opening day festivities with my partners in crime, aka michelle and maricela.  we had a late lunch at a nearby restaurant, then left our vehicles there, caught the shuttle to the stadium and literally ran as fast as we could, into the ballpark.  you see, mother nature thought it would be funny if she opened the heavens and let all this rain fall on us.  we were lucky.  it had only started drizzling when we got off the shuttle.  but as soon as we made it inside, all hell broke loose and other fans were not as lucky as we were.  they got drenched!  i love opening day! there is so much electricity in the air and just "warm and fuzzy" feelings everywhere!  lyle lovett sang the national anthem and houston texans player, jj watt threw out the first pitch.  -that was incredibly awesome!  yeah, yeah, i'm being a total girl.  oh and it was bittersweet to see former astros player, lance berkman in a trader  rangers uniform. it's okay, i still love him.  this was also our debut playing in the american league (gross!) as well.  i'm still pretty upset about that move, as i am with the logo change and the over priced tickets, and i'm only familiar with two of the players on the roster.  as the season continues, i hope to remedy that last part.  no matter what though, i'm an astros fan through and through.  the boys of summer are back!

it's sunday kids, make it a great week!



David Batista said...

Sounds like an awesome Easter to me! Unfortunately, our opening day is a day later. Fortunately, that day is today! :)

But yeah, unfortunately again ... all my Yanks are injured. Bummer! I don't have high hopes for our chances this season. Of course, we always do fight our way back after the All Star break, and that's aparently when all our top guys should be back in form again. So maybe there's still a chance.

I'm actually excited to see the Astros in the AL. They seem like they have good energy, kicking off the season just right. Wishing them the best, mostly for your sake. :) But also because I hate those Rangers! LOL!

Good luck getting all that glitter out of your hair and, er ... other places. Yikes!

Yvonne said...

David - It was an exciting game for sure! Eh, it's going to take a LONG time to get used to being in the American league ANNNND seeing Lance Berkman in a Rangers uniform. Ugh. That's a bitter pill to swallow.

The glitter- omg! I STILL have some!!!

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