Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The WOW guy!

I was reading another blogger's comment on my post: http://yvonnewritingmylifeaway.blogspot.com/2011/08/how-about-laugh-youre-welcome.html tonight.  The post was about my recent "love letter" from an inmate.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Inmate.  Stop it!

The comment was made by Frisky Virgin over at: http://thefriskyvirgin.blogspot.com/.  She's got a great blog! If you haven't checked it out yet, make the time time to do so! You won't be disappointed.  So anyway, Frisky asked me if I thought we'd ever meet the "Wow" guy.  You know the one she means right? The guy that literally takes our breath away and makes us go weak at the knees and results in us wearing a silly grin on our face all day long! The one that consumes are every thought, breathe, and dreams.  The one that brings out the best and the worst in us, the one that encourages us to be a better person, the one that makes us feels as if we are the most beautiful woman on earth and every sun rises and sets around us.  That guy.  That's the one FV and I are looking for.  That's the one that so many other single women are looking for.  Yeah, that would be the Wow guy.  My response to her question?   "I hope so."  And I do.  But sometimes, hope just starts to get harder and harder to do.  At times, I feel so discouraged and so let down and defeated.  So much so, that  I want to wave the little white flag and say, "Enough! I give up!"   And yes, I am all too familiar with the saying, "It will happen the minute you stop looking for it."  If I hear that one more time, I'm going to claw that person's eyes out.  You have been warned.  Bitter? No.  Not at all.  Just annoyed a little when people are so quick to tell me to stop looking, over and over and over again!  Enough! I'm  NOT looking.  I don't go out with an agenda to "find" someone.  I just go out to have fun, enjoy my friends and enjoy myself.  And if by some cosmic explosion or Superman's superpowers, I happen to find that "Wow" guy, well then, that is just a plus! In return, he'll see me, catch his breath, and utter the same thing, "Wow!"  What woman doesn't want that?

So FV, to answer your question, I don't know if we will ever find him or not.  We can only hope.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

It's a wrap!

Sunday Funday!  What did you do to make it so?
Hello everyone! What's going on? Catch me up!  Here we are again, the dreaded Sunday.  Ugh!  Back to the grindstone tomorrow, only to begin counting down the days until my lover, "The weekend" and I, are reunited once again.

My weekend was a quiet one for a change.  I spent time with a few friends on Friday night, and Saturday was me tackling "projects" at home that I had been neglecting. Stayed in Saturday night and watched corny, cheesy eighties movies and still managed to go to bed before midnight! Unheard of I know, I know! Waking up fully rested today, I ventured out into the heat a/k/a "the oven".  Let me tell you something, I'm used to it being hot here in H-town during the summer, I'm used to the humidity, but what I am not used to is this unscathing, unrelenting, suffocating HEAT that has taken residence for the past month and a half, in our fair city.  Mother Nature, what'd we ever do to you???  My outing was short-lived as I couldn't stand melting away -a la the Wicked Witch of the West style.  So I basically, ran in to the grocery store, got what I needed, ran back outside to my car, hit the ac full blast and sped home.  So this is where I am now.  Home, in the comfort of cold air, thanks to my overworked a/c.

Thanks for your continued prayers and messages about Ethan. He's doing a lot better, but still in some pain and discomfort.  He will miss  school again this week, but hopefully, if all goes well these next few days, he'll be able to resume classes the following week.

Alright, this is going to be a no frills kind of post today. You know, end of the weekend blues, anxiety for the upcoming work-week (no specific reason, I just always feel anxious on Sundays). 

Hope all of you have an awesome week!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

How About A Laugh? You're Welcome!

Well, it was only a matter of time. So a few weeks back, I received an email from POF (a dating site)reminding me about my inactive account and how I "may be missing out on the man of my dreams!", so tonight, I finally remembered to go delete my account. Well, lo and behold what do I see upon going to my profile? A message alert. Wow. I didn't think I could receive messages anymore considering my account has been  inactive for ages! Anyway, curiosity got the better of me and I began to read.  The letter was from "Sexy Samuel" -that was his screen name. He lived in Huntsville, Texas.  In prison.  Yes that's right bloggies, I received my first mail ever from an inmate! I know, I know, you're jealous. As well you should be. His letter said that his "friend" set up the account for him. He went on to say he really liked my profile and my pictures and thought I was "way purde"
-yeah, that's how he spelled it.  Instead of a picture of himself, there was a picture of a six pack of beer.  The more I read, the more amused I became.  And defeated.  I mean, this is what my less than stellar dating life has come to? A convicted felon? Seriously?  Nice.  And yet, I keep reading.  He just wants to be friends first (such a gentleman) but was not against phone calls or phone sex. 

Envy me.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

What do you mean, tommorow is Monday!?

Happy Sunday guys! What's up? How is everyone? I wanted to begin by thanking you again, for your continued prayers and well wishes, and emails I've received in the past few days, regarding my nephew.  Mere words are not enough to say how grateful I am to all of you for that.  Ethan is doing better.  Although, he is still in quite a bit of pain and discomfort. Remember, he's a five year old little boy who standing still for even a minute is sheer torture!  Imagine how he feels knowing he can't do much else but lay in bed all day.  He's got his toys and his books and his cartoons and movies, and his puppy.  But nothing beats being able to jump and run around.  So yeah, he's miserable in that respect.  His recovery is proving to be both challenging and stressful -for everyone.  Nevertheless, we're all (my family) keeping strong in our faith and in each other.

My weekend was full and fast and a little chaotic, but a good one, all the same. 

My friend Jason Kristopher http://www.independentauthornetwork.com/jason-kristopher.html published his first book earlier this summer, and Saturday was his first book signing event.  In case you missed my earlier post about his book, you can learn more about it here: http://www.greygeckopress.com/?p=23.  I couldn't be more proud and excited for him!!!

Last night I went to my first ever soccer match. The Houston Dynamo were playing in town and my boss, a season ticket holder, let me have his tickets.  He was unable to attend and didn't want them to go to waste.  Trust me, they didn't.  I'm not a die-hard soccer fan by any means.  I'll watch it and am familiar with the rules and such.  But I'm not a "gotta get home to watch the game" kind of gal.  Not for soccer anyway.  The game last night was intense, emotional, draining and super-exciting! We won at the last minute of the match! I had a really, really good time.  And I also learned a bit about this game and the fans of Futbol. 

Things such as:
1.  Soccer fans don't mess around.  They are hard-core fans and will get in your face to prove it.
2.  Every goal made, makes the crowd cheer as if the team has just won the World Cup.
3.  Soccer players are hot.  And I'm not talking about the weather either. (that comes later)
4.  Watching a soccer match can make your blood pressure go crazy.  One minute you're euphoric and the next, downright ballistic.

Good times.  I can't wait to go to my next game!

Speaking of good games, the stars must have all been aligned last night, and worlds were surely colliding somewhere, because the unimaginable happened.   Dun, dun, dun, the Texans won, the Dynamo won, and the ASTROS WON!!!  Perfect trifecta.  And that, was a GREAT night.

Mother Nature teased us a bit today.  The skies grew grey and darkish and there was even rumblings of thunder heard, my heart started beating faster and I became giddy like a school girl who just saw her "crush" walk down the hall.  Could it be that rain was finally going to grace us with it's presence?  Um, NO, it wasn't.  That witch!  It just teased us and got us all excited and then, nothing!  Kind of like my love life.  But I digress.  So yeah, rain was a big fail and it's still Africa hot here.

In other news, school officially begins tomorrow.  God, please help me remember to slow down again in school zones.  And  to all my teacher friends (you know who you are) have an awesome school year!

And that kids, is all I have tonight.  You know the drill.  Make it a great week! 

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dear God, please...

My 5 year old nephew called me this evening.

Ethan:  "Aunt Yvonne, can you pray for me?"
Me:      "Yes baby! I will pray for you tonight!"
Ethan:  "Ok, I don't wanna hurt no more."

That last sentence broke my heart.  I was already in tears when he asked me to pray for him but when he told me he didn't want to hurt anymore, well that's when I totally lost it!

My nephew had to have surgery early this morning.  Two weeks ago, he went in for a procedure but there were complications and so, he had to be operated again.  I just want him to stop being in pain! I just want him to be a normal kid again.  My poor sister and her husband are beside themselves.  Ethan is a very special little boy.  He's faced many health challenges since the day he was born and has endured countless operations, procedures and all kinds of medicines.  He is my hero. He is a fighter and a champion. I love him so very much!  All day I've been touched by the enormous outpouring of support and well wishes and prayers we've received from my friends and family and strangers even.  My family and I are truly blessed!

The doctors were very optimistic that today's surgery corrected the problem and he will be fine.  We are all praying for this to be so. 

Really, this is all that's been on my mind today.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Pimping, Droughts and Day 16 of 100 degree weather...

Happy Wednesday peeps! How is everyone?  The heatwave continues here in Houston, Texas.  We are on our 16th day of triple digit temperatures and are having to conserve our water usage now. Instead of  "Space-city", we're going to start being called "Drought city" if it doesn't rain here soon!  Can someone cast a spell or do a rain-dance for us please?  Thanks, you're the BEST!

Tonight dear bloggies, I'm totally pimping out my friend, Israel Carrasco of http://israelcarrascojokes.blogspot.com/ He's a very talented monologue jokes writer and does stand-up as well.  If you've never visited his blog before, I urge you to do so, after you finish reading my blog, of course!

Israel has entered contest and is in need of our help.  Please visit:


and vote for my friend.  If he wins, there's cash money in it for me AND you! That's right, dinero, green stuff, or whatever you want to call it.  Just go vote for him please.  I'd consider it a huge favor and I'd be ever so grateful!

Thanks again for helping me, help out a friend. I appreciate each and every one of you!  Now if you'll all excuse me, I've got to take a short 7 hour nap.

Good night!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Much ado about...this and that and what-nots

Do you ever feel as if things are just too good to be true? As if at any given moment, all the good things in your life will disappear? Or that being so happy is wrong somehow, therefore, impending doom is imminent.  Sometimes I fee like that.  I dunno why really.  My life right now, while not at it's best, is certainly not bad.  It's actually pretty good.  Yeah so, there are still things I'm working on to finish creating this better version of myself.  And there are plenty of worries for my family, and then there's the matter of the Astros atrocious season, and lest we forget, we're ALL melting in Texas right now.  But aside from allllll of that, life is pretty good.  Meh, it could be worse right?  It could be a billion times worse!  I know this, but that still doesn't stop me from thinking that being happy is somehow a prelude to something bad or negative coming my way.  I know, I know, I'm weird.  I was just wondering if anyone else thought or felt the same.  I already know you're ALL weird like me. 

In other news,  went back to the gym recently.  I had taken a few months off.  After the boot-camp I did, I think my body's engine gave out.  Er, burned out.  At any rate, I still worked out, just not at the gym.  I walked or took in a cardio class here and there.  But mostly, I walked.  In the park, in my neighborhood, around downtown, during lunch time.  Oh don't worry, I stayed hydrated if I was outdoors and just in case, I had my "In case of emergency" card, strategically placed on the inside of  my sock.  You know, for
heatstroke or melting purposes.

All my teacher friends are boo-hooing because school started again.  Right. As if they get any sympathy from me. "Your three months of vacation are over?  Awwww! Sorry you have to go back to work now."  Um, yeah right.  Don't get me wrong, I think teachers are awesome and totally rock, some more than others.  Some of my best friends are teachers.  But does that make me feel bad for them or sad that they have to go back and teach our monsters   children after three months off? Nope. Not happening.  Gawd, I hope the "woe is me" pity posts from them on FB stop soon.  They're starting to get on my nerves.  And if you're a teacher and/or a friend of mine AND a teacher, don't kill me.  I come in peace.  Sort of.

This past weekend, I learned something important.  To me, anyway.  I learned that sometimes, no matter how good of a friend you are or try to be, or want to be, sometimes, you just have to step a way from a situation and/or the friends themselves.  If not, they/he/she will drag you into their plight. And soon, you are caught in the middle with no exit sign in sight.  So I did.  I didn't answer phone calls from them/him/her, I didn't return calls/texts.  I put distance between us and took that time to recharge and breathe.  And you know what? It was great!  I woke up Monday morning relaxed and in a good mood.  Not stressed, as I had been just a few days before.  I've decided I'm going to do this on a frequent basis.  How about you? Ever had to detach yourself from friends or foes or family, for a little while?

And on that note, I'm off,  to see the wizard.   Or to see a pillow about some sleep.  Meh.  Whichever comes first!

Night-night bloggies!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Let's talk about SEX baby...

Happy Friday kids! I'm counting down the hours and minutes until it's 5:00 p.m. and I'm released from this choke-hold aka as my "J-O-B".  I recently participated in The Red Dress Club's prompt to post a link to something we'd written before about Sex but without actually describing the act itself, thus leaving more to the imagination.  Naturally, I jumped at the chance! Are you kidding?  I'm all about da sex!  (hey, don't judge.  Those that go without for seemingly decades have to get it any way they can.  Real or not.  -sheddup.)

Check out the Red Dress Club here:

And check out my regurgitated post here:

So that's it.  Have a fantastically awesome weekend!  Stay breezy and to all my fellow H-town followers, stay hydrated man!


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Life 1 - Yvonne 0

I was thinking about my blog this morning.  It's a very "moody" blog I think. Some would even say borderline bipolar almost.  Happy, sad, euphoric, depressed, angry, indifferent, in love, in lust, defeated, successful, beautiful, ugly.  You get the picture right?  Sigh, it's been over a year since I started writing again.  As those of you who follow me on a regular basis know, a lot has happened to me in this year.  Something that jumps at me by re-reading some of my posts is that I am a resilient woman.  I get knocked down, but immediately  eventually find crawl  my way back up.  I find that to be pretty amazing, don't you? I totally rock!  So even after all this, and realizing how strong I am and how my life seemingly is going well, why is it that it only takes one piece of bad news, one look, one statement, to make me feel as if the walls of life have caved in and are falling on me? Kind of like when you play Jenga (if you play) and you're sweating and trying to keep your hand steady, and you're down to that one  last piece that will either keep the structure intact or cause it to come tumbling down all around you.  Yeah, that's how I feel today.  I want to wave my little white flag and cry "Uncle" already!  ---Why would anyone cry "uncle" anyway? Hmm, seems silly to me.  Ugh! See what I mean?  I can't even stay on topic!  So, this is how I'm feeling today.  Defeated.

I'm hitting the gym after work. If for nothing else, than to kick the punching bag's ass!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Catch me if you can!

I was called a "serial dater" tonight by a male friend of mine.  He was serious.  I thought he was making fun of me. 

Me:               "What? You're serious?"
Male friend:   "Sure am."

See? He wasn't kidding.  After prodding him for a more detailed definition he explained that he thought that I tend to go out on a lot of "random" dates. Some quality, some not.

Me, slightly agitated:  "Um, that's why it's called dating."
Him, amused:  "I know what dating is!  I just meant that you should be more selective!"

MORE selective than I already am?  Huh, if I did that I would never go on dates! 

My criteria is already quite expansive:  Must be male. Must be employed. 

Just so you know, there is much more to my "criteria" than what I just described above, I was just going for the funneh.  And, I failed.

According to my friend, he thinks that women in general need to always let the man do the chasing. Always let the man know or believe that he is the hunter and you are the hunted.  In my experience I have found this to be true.  However, sometimes, playing "the game" becomes cumbersome.  And sometimes, we want to be the hunter and the men to be the hunted.

Me:  "Anyway, why are you so interested with my comedy of a dating life!?" 
Male friend:  "Because you're too moody! You need to get..."

Before he could finish his sentence, I threw the first thing I could get my hands on at him.  My shoe.  My high heeled shoe. It missed his face by thismuch. 

"WTF? I was going to say you need to get out more!" he says in between bouts of laughter.

Right.  Because that's what all guys think when they're talking to their female friends about dating and moods and men. Nothing to do with "getting laid" at all.

We tabled the conversation for the night because we were both at an impasse.  But more importantly, because I'm sleepies.

Good night.

Monday, August 8, 2011

nothing really

Today was a good day. In spite of getting very little sleep, then oversleeping, getting pulled over as I sped along the highway to get to work, and almost having it out with a big, bad, Metro bus driver, while trying to pull into the parking garage.  What? It was in the way! Who parks the big ass bus in front of a garage entrance? And during morning rush hour no less!  Yep, in spite of all of that, today was a good day, for a Monday.  How about you kids? What's new? How was your weekend?  This inquiring mind wants to know! I'm nosey like that.  

Saturday night I went with M&M (aka the Three Musketeers) to a mutual friend's birthday party.  It was a swimming party thank God!  I mean, the only comfortable places to be in lately are a swimming pool or the shower.  Serious.  It's a billion degrees here! So anyway, there was plenty of libations, plenty of food, plenty of everything.  Great times were had by all.  Did I mention it was a pool party? It seems I forgot and as I opened the door to go into the house,  I met the floor instead.  It was wet, slippery and WET.  Yes, I fell on my ass slipped.  I slipped hard.  But I was a good sport and even tried to be graceful, holding my arms up  -gymnast style, as I landed on my butt.  Not too many people witnessed this pitiful occurrence.  Those that did, were too out of it to notice or just didn't care.  I regrouped quickly and sprung right back up.  Yes! Clean getaway! Or so I thought, from behind me I heard, "Careful, it's slippery in there!"  The voice of enlightenment came from the party planner himself.  I turned around and glared at him.  Wishing a thousand deaths upon him and his offspring.  Ok, ok, not really, but it sounded good right?  Shrugging off the "Great Fall of Yvonne", I composed myself, smoothed out my dress to make sure I wasn't flashing anyone, and continued on my merry way, into the house.  Sunday morning I awoke to excruciating pain on my right side, my right hip and my butt.  You'd think with all that cushion I have back there, that it would not be hurting so much. But it was.  Meh!  A few pain pills later, I was ready to go.

As you can tell from this post, I really didn't have anything interesting to say.  So I decided to torture you with mindless chatter.  Thanks for playing.

Be good!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Words and Music

As some of you may have gathered, if you read my blog regularly, I love listening to live music.  One of my favorite pastimes is to go catch a band at whatever hole in the wall or upscale venue where there is a performance.  A lot of my friends are musicians, some locally and some who play with very famous people.  And so, I often go to concerts as well.  This year, more than others, I have been to more shows than normal.  But then again, what is normal?

One of my favorite bands ever, is the musical group, Chicago.  For those not familiar, this group has been around since the late 60's and their music has transcended from generation to generation.  Their songs are unequivocally recognized all over the world.  They are also famous for all the best break-up and make-up songs ever!  I've been a fan since I first heard Colour My World being played at a family wedding.  I fell in love with the simple, yet very powerful song.  I think I was 13 or 14 years old.  Though, back then, I don't think I referred to it as "simple" or "powerful"  I just thought it was a pretty song.   I also fell in love with Peter Cetera.  Something about that blonde hair and that voice! He is one of the original band members. (he is no longer with the band)  So yeah, I was a cheesy band groupie, even way back then.  The last time I saw them perform live, was about five years ago.  They came to Houston with Earth Wind and Fire.  That show was out of this world fantastic!  I was in musical heaven that night.  Well,  tonight, I had the opportunity (thanks to a super early birthday present from my good friend, *R.  Like two months early!) to see them perform up close and personal.  They were playing at a venue that is not a stadium or arena, but rather, a small, intimate theater, here in town.  We had floor seats and I could see the beads of sweat on Robert Lamb's brow.  He is the sexy keyboard player, and also one of the original band members.  The show was amazing, and awesome and I sang my heart out to each and every song they played.  One of the things I love most about this band, is the horns section.  They are unbelievable and brilliant!  The saxophone player also killed it tonight! *R and I were among the hundreds of people who came to the show.  The age range was diverse.  There were the die-hard groupies and then the middle-aged rockers, and the younger, "I hope they play the Karate Kid song!" -that would be the song Glory of Love and the original Karate Kid movie they were referring to.  So, yes, all kinds of people coming together to listen to fabulous music.  It was a great night! So great, I have lost my voice.  The oratory kind, not the written kind.  Heh.

So that was my Sunday night bloggies.  How was yours? I've been quiet on the blog front, I know.  It's just that life just gets in the way sometimes and things must be taken care of.  But not to worry, this week should be less chaotic.  In the meantime, you know the drill, it's Sunday, let's make it a great week! 

This is my favorite song by Chicago -Beginnings

Monday, August 1, 2011

365 days later...

What a nice way to start off the week, by receiving a Blog Award!  I'm not sure my blog is on fire, and I know I'm not on fire, especially after my latest dating angsts, but I accept this award nonetheless!  Thanks to Frisky Virgin at: http://thefriskyvirgin.blogspot.com/ for thinking of me!  With her tales of her dating life, her "Virgin" life and her sports enthused life, her blog is certainly always fun, interesting and very much Frisky!  If you haven't already, please check her out.  You won't be disappointed!

So today is my one year Blog-aversary.  Yay me!  Twelve months ago, I fell into a really bad bout with depression.  I was stressing at work so much I became physically sick, I had family health issues that needed my attention, so I gave up my apartment and moved back home.  It was around this time that I also decided that I couldn't go on living the way I had been.  I needed to make drastic changes.  Mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. An all-encompassed make-over, if you will.  And thus began my journey to creating a better version of myself.  Starting this blog back up after being away from it since 2007, literally saved my emotional state.  I let my heart do the talking  through my words.  And for that, I'm most grateful. I'm also extremely fortunate to have "met" some pretty amazing people along the way, from all over the world.  Your comments, your advice, your scoldings, your calling me out, and your amazing, never-ending encouragement and support, are the reasons why I keep coming back.  Well, that and the fact that I just love to write.  I have grown a lot in the past year since starting this blog.  I'm a different person.  I'm a better person. And I love myself a whole lot more than I used to. Thank you for taking this journey with me.  Words just do not seem like enough to express how grateful I am for all of you. 

Aww, let's hug! Ready? Annnd embrace!  Alright, let's move on shall we? 

What amazing thing(s) did you do this weekend?  I had a fabulous Sangria-Flamenco-dancing, filled weekend.  T'was lots of fun!  Fortunately, I didn't encounter any dumb boys to ruin my shenanigans. Well, except for the "incident" on Saturday, which I already blogged about.  Ok, enough about that.

First day of a new month and new week, is almost over.  Make the rest of the week mean something kids!

Good night! 


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