Monday, October 7, 2013

dear sleep, i'm sorry. please come back.

howdy kids.  it seems i have a bout of insomnia therefore, tomorrow morning is going to suck.  so is the afternoon.  and the drive home.  i'm already dreaming of coming home from work and my bed.  but enough of me getting ahead of myself.  how was everyone's weekend? share with me.

my weekend? well my weekend was kind of fabulous actually.  it started on thursday and ended a few hours ago.  i am a year older now.  yeah, the birthday fairy came knocking on my door a few days ago.  to commemorate this most auspicious occasion, i had myself a little happy hour (or hours, same difference) at one of my favorite spots in the h.  tons of friends came by and wished me well, raised a few glasses with me and some even danced with me.  i partied like a rock star that night and the next morning, i paid for it dearly.  did i mention i had to work the next day? yeah.  i not only looked like a zombie but felt like one as well.  no worries though, i had a blast and regret nothing.  friday and saturday were crazy fun.  yvonne's birthday palooza was in full effect until about four hours ago.  i love my life.  as much as i bitch about it sometimes, i am very blessed, fortunate and very grateful for everything that i have.  even the bad stuff.  because of course, that only makes me stronger.  and i'm strong, like bull.  heh.

do you ever have people tell you things because they are "looking out for your best interest"?  but in reality, it's really because they are being nosy and want to meddle in your life.  i have a few of those pesky individuals.  in fact, very recently, i was told that i "party" too much.  that i "go out every day of the week" -pfft! as if that's even possible for me anymore.  when i was in college and my early thirties, no doubt!  but now?  puh-lease.  my little yvonne-palooza is going to take the whole month of october for me to recuperate. :)   seriously though, what is it with these people?  i always feel as if i have to justify my actions. which  really makes no sense because i don't even give my own father justifications.  case in point. i have a facebook account.  who doesn't, right?  i post stuff on there randomly.  pictures, whatever.  i go out sometimes, i post where i am.  i take pictures? i post them.  what happens when i do this?  i get emails or texts from these so called "interested parties", telling me that i'm such a party animal or that i need to slow down.  slow down from what exactly?  i have no one to report back to.  i have no kids.  i have no pets.  what is their problem exactly? jealous much?  bleh.  i don't even know why i'm writing about this.  maybe because i'm super tired and i want to go to sleep but sleep escapes me.

in other news, the boy and i are no longer dating.  it wasn't a pretty ending.  and it was very painful.  but life goes on.  and that's all i'm saying about that.

moving on.

i found my halloween costumes.  come on, you knew i would.  i'm going to be a cigarette girl for the roaring twenties themed party i'm attending and thelma evans for the seventies themed party i am also attending.  for you youngsters not in the know and for everyone else who is clueless.  thelma evans was a television character for a sitcom called "good times".  it aired back in the early seventies.  yes, the seventies.  it was about a poor family, trying to make a buck and keep from being evicted.  but mostly, it was about family sticking together.  i used to love that show. it was quite entertaining.  anyway, thelma went through various stages with her hair.  i'm going the be the thelma that wore her hair in an afro.  can't wait for pics, right?

all in all, i had a blasty blast weekend.  except for the texans loss.  that game was torture to watch.  i love you guys but yerkillingme!!!

well kids, i better go take a little 5 hour nap or i'm going to be worthless at work tomorrow.

thanks for indulging me. you're the best.

have a great week!


Robin said...

Wow. Tons of info in this post.

Insomnia sucks. Been there, done that. Still finds me occasionally.

Sorry about your break-up with the boy.

Girl, you are in your 40s and single. You aren't raising kids. If you wanted to go out every night of the week, it might not be the healthiest thing for you, but is it really anyone's business??? I am not sure I would post where I was on Facebook while I was there... just because I think it is a safety issue. (Yeah, I know I am one of the only people who doesn't do it.) But posting pics after the fact... kewl.

Those "friends" that you mention don't sound much like friends. Are they worth your time??? Something to ponder...

David Batista said...

Wow, Yvonne -- you really know how to celebrate your being born day. :) Keep on rockin the town, I say! And you're right, those nosy peeps are indeed jealous. Honestly, that's what it is.

Sorry to hear your life is no longer "about a boy," but I respect you wanting to put that chapter of your life behind you. Moving along ...

Hey, I hope you get a good night's sleep tonight. It's only Monday you know, and you have a LOOOOOONG work week ahead of you.

Och! Don't I know it myself? Sweet dreams!

Yvonne said...

Robin- haha, i know, i know. i was just venting i guess. thanks for dropping by!

david- stick with me kid, you might learn something! ha! i slept three hours. insane!!! :)

BB said...

Happy Birthday Yvonne!

People need to mind their own damn biziness! After I became a widow at 45 I started going out at night with friends to bars because I hated going home to an empty house. The gossip was going strong though. And then after I met my Bruce and lost weight and started wearing mini la la. I was a tramp! Hell with them all I say!

Good post! Glad you had a good birthday.

'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

Amen to people minding their own damn business!!!
You go girl and do your thing- don't listen to the green eyed monsters!
I wish I was in H town with you. I would have definitely come by for happy hour. :)

Yvonne said...

BB- Ha! Thank you.

YRJ- Anytime, friend! said...

Crap. I'm so sorry about the boy. But I'm glad you had the experience, and that you are so well loved by friends. Yes, life goes on. Keep savoring it and your many blessings.

Belated Happy Birthday!


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