Tuesday, February 11, 2014

love hurts

sometimes, i cry out loud
the pain is so intense 

no matter what i do
no matter how much 
i try, it's never enough

you are exhausting
you drain my emotions
i am left spent

you take 
and you take
and leave me empty

loving you is easy
it's what happens after 
that causes my angst

you are oblivious 
clueless of the consequences
that your selfishness causes

your words 
your actions
your indifference
cut deeper
than any knife ever could

and yet 
i love you
all of you

how much longer?


Unknown said...

This is really good!! I can totally relate and have so been there.
You'll have your fill of emptiness and sadness. You will reach a point where you won't feel the need to keep giving in to his whims and realize you matter. When that time comes, I will be first in line to high five you. Until then, I am here for you!!
This is good... now read it again! Out loud. And then one more time! Out loud!
love ya, amiga!!

Yvonne said...

Steph- Thank you! I'm trying. It's a process, really. Ha! I'm reading it!!!!

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