Sunday, May 20, 2012

good bye lover, until next time...

so every sunday i have to bid adieu to my lovah, aka the weekend.  ugh.  how cool would it be if we only had weekends and just skipped all those other mind numbing, blood-sucking, stress induced days?  cool indeed!  wishful thinking right? of course.  hey kids! what's up? how is everyone? ready to tackle the work week? me either.  i seriously need to win the lotto or something.  i guess i would have to actually buy a ticket to better my odds, yes?  bleh. technicalities, schmelicalities. (yes i totally just made up a new word)

since i have not a clue what direction this post is going, (except that i seem to be channeling my inner e.e. cummings) and my brain cells are in sleep mode, how about i just tell you whatever pops into my mind.  this could be fun or it could be dangerous.  you've been warned.

friday evening, i met up with the usual suspects aka the musketeers, for drinks and live music. i love live music! the group of local and international musicians that were performing that night was phenomenal!  they played a lot of 70's music, mixed in with r&b and some top notch solos by each artist.  i happen to know a few of them personally, so after the gig, we hung out with "the band".  good times, good  times.

saturday i spent the majority of the day being productive on the writing front.  i'm currently writing two short stories at the same time.  very different stories. one may turn into a novel, not sure yet.  anyway, i needed to put a dent in both of them, and i did.  i've never written two stories simultaneously and quite frankly, i'm not even certain if i can pull it off. but i'm going to try.  it's just that i got these ideas in my head  wanted to start writing about each of them immediately.  so i did.  i'm crazy, i know, i know.

sunday- the dreaded "end of the weekend" day.  i was a good girl and went to church. except, while there, i wanted to punch this lady out!  she was seated beside me, and was on her phone, checking her facebook! during mass, no less! seriously? why bother going if you're not even going to pay attention!?  the sermon wasn't even boring, it was actually quite interesting. -not that that would have excused her for what she was doing. i just don't get it.  so after i prayed an extra hail mary, (you know, on account of me wanting to punch her out and all), i went in to work. yes, i did. on friday, my boss gave me the option of going in on saturday or sunday.  i didn't want to choose either day, but since i love getting a paycheck, i chose sunday.  it wasn't that bad.  i was there a little over four hours and completed what i needed to complete. exciting weekend i'm having so far, right? i know, you're all jealous.  but wait, there's more, after i left the office, i ventured into grocery store hell! what? come on, you know everyone and their momma and their momma's momma is there on sunday!  i was in the parking lot all of ten minutes trying to find a parking space, when i finally decided that i really didn't need the carton of skim milk that bad. i could wait. and then i drove home.

and that, boys and girls, was my weekend.  the end.

ps- if you're still reading this, you're nuts  the best!  and i thank you.  oh and have a great week! :)


Random Girl said...

Way to keep it classy lady checking FB during mass.... geesh! Unless you posting a status about how the spirit is moving you and compels you to proclaim your faith to the masses, just put your phone away already! It is true that nothing is sacred these days. said...

I wonder how many hail Marys are required for having checked FB during mass. That is really wrong.

Hope your week's off to a good start, Yvonne.


Yvonne said...

RG-I know! I really did want to say something but controlled myself because I was in church and well, didn't want to make a scene. People are clueless!

Robyn- hahaha! Probably worthy of a whole rosary's worth! Monday's done, let's hope the rest of the week goes just as smooth!

Unknown said...

I read the whole thing! It sounded like a good weekend to me. What was that Facebook lady thinking anyway??

Yvonne said...

Kelley- Ha! Thanks for not saying it was boring! hahaha, The FB lady was an idiot!

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