Sunday, November 7, 2021


 Greetings and salutations bloggies,

By now we are in full blown Thanksgiving mood am I right?  But I still have October on my mind.  Ahh yes, the month that for everyone except  Texas, is the beginning of Fall.  Color changing leaves, brisk air hugging our beings, Halloween parties, spooky stories and of course, my birthday to kick it off.  I hope your 31 days of October were spectacular.  Mine began bright and cheery and pretty much remained the same until the very last day of the month. -I will get to that later.  Work consumed me but so did celebrating and post celebrating the day of my birth.  There were lunch dates, dinner dates, getaways and plenty of good times.  I have the best friends and family I tell ya.  I'm a lucky gal.

Sadly, on the last day of the month, tragedy would strike a long time family friend.  His eighteen year old daughter was fatally shot and killed while at a Halloween party.  She was an innocent bystander.  A beautiful, young and intelligent human being's life was cut short because some stupid kids were fighting and one of them thought that brandishing a gun and then shooting it, made him a bad ass.  When in reality he is just a dumb-ass who is now a murderer.  I swear I am so angry about this.  It seems that human life is just thrown to the wind and given no regard to how precious it is.  Some kids today and yeah, adults too, are heartless.  I pray that all involved will be brought to justice. I know it will not bring our friend's daughter back.  But at the very least, it will bring them closure.

Be Better, friends.  Be better.

May the rest of November be happier, full of smiles and plenty of hugs for all of us.



CWMartin said...

I hear that story so many times. It's an "couple-a-weekend"thing in nearby Chi-town, it seems. Makes me sick that we can teach kids how to live their life like its a video game, but not value for life.

Janie Junebug said...

I send belated birthday wishes and my condolences. From bad ass to dumb ass, who I suppose will spend time in prison. It's heartbreaking.


Yvonne said...

CW- Exactly. It makes me sick.

Yvonne said...

Janie Junebug- They have to catch him first. :( And thank you for the birthday wishes :)

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