Sunday, December 1, 2019

Life Happens

I haven't written anything in a very long time.  Nothing significant happened to cause me to stop, I just did one day.   And I never looked back.   I'm surprised I still know how.  Oh I know, anyone can string words together to form a sentence, but only a few have the gift to be able to tell a story with those words, to write something that touches your soul, or speaks to you in such a way that it may cause you to gasp or to laugh out loud, maybe even to cry.  I used to write like that.  It feels like a lifetime ago.  I wish I could say that something catastrophic or something incredibly amazing happened in my life that caused me to stop but no, nothing like that.  I could say that life happened.  But again no.  I mean life did happen but nothing that would prevent me from doing something that I used to love; to write.  On the contrary, so much has happened in my life that I should have written a novel or ten by now.  And so this marks the return of myself, as I used to know her.  The girl with the gift of story telling, of poetry writing  -however hideous it may be.  The return of the girl who loves to love, who is a hopeless romantic and a girl that will always search for that fairy tale ending.  I guess that is why I am a writer, because I want to tell a story that is relatable to you.

So, here's to a more concerted effort to write, to publish, to find that happy ending.



CWMartin said...

There you go! Life just loves to dump all that other garbage on us. Digging out of a pile myself right now. May God bless your journey!

Blue Grumpster said...

Good to have you back. You have been missed. Tell your story.


Yvonne said...

CW-Yeah I kind of disappeared for a little while. Thank you and I pray you claw your way out of that pile soon and are better for it.

Blue- Thanks! Good to be back :)

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