Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Thrill of Victory -that's it.

Ten years ago, I was anxiously awaiting the birth of my nephew, Ethan and celebrating the Houston Astros as they clinched the division title and went on to the World Series.  TEN.YEARS.AGO. That's a long time yes?  Well, not anymore.  Tonight, my "little engine that  could" Houston Astros, played a do or die game against the NewYork Yankees where they not only dominated the mighty Yankees, but beat them as well.  That's right, I said the New York Yankees lost to my Houston Astros. Let that marinate in your mind for a moment will you? Go ahead, I'll waiit.  Feels good doesn't it?  Nothing gave me more pleasure than watching Carlos Beltran (aka as the "trader" --in Houston) and Alex Rodriguez strike out to our ace pitcher, Dallas Keuchel.  Something about sticking it to the bad guys that always makes me feel good.  Oh how the mighty have fallen.  Excuse me while I basque in the glory of this victory just little while longer would you?  You see,  if you live in Houston long enough, you will learn that our sports teams -all of them, are somehow or other, well, cursed. I mean, they have to be.  How else do you explain the year after year of excrutiating, gut wrenching losses  that we have had to endure? The ever tiresome "We'll be back next year!" mantra that has been embedded in our heads. I think Houstonians as a whole have become numb to the pain.  Seriously.  Even this game. I now have no nails left as a result of the nail biting I was doing throughout the game.  Because although we were ahead, way down in the pit of my stomach, I was cringing with dread that somehow someone was going to pull the rug from under us and say, "Haha not really!" and we would lose.  And so, my nerves got the best of me and now I have to schedule a trip to the nail salon asap.  

I have plenty of friends and even family that laugh at my passion for the Astros  Remember, they were not always contention worthy.  But a fair-weather fan, I am not.   I owe my love of baseball and the Houston Astros to my dad.  He used to take not one, not two, but all four us (my brothers and sister and I) to the Astrodome.  It was there that I fell in love with the game, the Astros and the players -of course.  My brothers and sister and I, along with my dad, are all passionate about this game and this team.  Always have been, always will be.

So tonight, I relish in the thrill of victory and the excitement that has erupted in our city. Tomorrow I'm sure I will get my share of the negative nellies and haters trash talking the boys, but for tonight, I celebrate. Great job boys!

Bring on the KC Royals!


BB said...

Hi Yvonne.. I love your dedication. You are the prime example of what a true fan is. Great post .

CWMartin said...

Congrats! Nice to see the Damn Yankees go down. Even better seeing the Angels watch it from home. Good luck the rest of the way.

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