Sunday, June 14, 2015

the return of my blog and myself

i have not written anything in four months and a few days
at all

as a self-proclaimed writer and all
this is unacceptable

but  words that once flowed out of my mind 
and the feeling i got when i couldn't wait to get them on the blank screen
just stopped

i tried to write
i tried 
but nothing happened and soon,
writing became work instead of pleasure
and that's when i shut down

it's not a forever thing
and my thirst and hunger for writing 
has returned

the poetry book that  i started in janauary
still sits unfinished
the short essays that i started in february
are waiting for me to go back to them
and complete them

the ideas swirling in my head
keep reminding me that if i don't write
no one will read my masterpieces
and that, my bloggies
would be a travesty

and so
i'm back, again.
the need to create, to write to bring my stories to life
is back

stay tuned...


Robin said...

Welcome back! You were missed!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yvonne said...

Thank you Robin! I've missed reading your blog! Have a lot of catching up to do!

BB said...

Wonderful to hear from you! I'll be anxiously awaiting to read what you write. Hope all is well with you! Xx

CWMartin said...

Hang in there! The words come when they're ready. said...

Yay! You've returned. Don't be hard on yourself. Coming and going is all part of the process - the process of life, and of being creative. Sometimes we need long breaks before the creativity floods us again.

Yvonne said...

CW Martin- Thank you! Yes they will!

Robyn- Thanks, I knew you'd understand :)

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