Sunday, November 23, 2014

love hurts

the fact of the matter is
i fell in love
the cruel reality?
he's not for me

letting go of someone
is hard
no doubt

letting someone go
because loving them
causes more pain
than not loving them,
is painful in a way
that is indescribable

and mere words
are not enough
to make you understand

tears flowing
my insides feel
ripped open
i  can't breathe
my heart hurts

6 comments: said...

I want to give you a big warm hug in response to this poem. "Loving them causes more pain than not loving them." That's so beautiful and yet so ugly a feeling. So human too. I've been there many times.

Keep writing from your heart, and through it all. You bring beauty to dark emotions. xo

Robin said...

Love is tricky. Why do we love people who are not good for us?

I tell myself that when I can truly let go of these people, it means I am closer to finding someone who is good for me. It's like I have to learn the lesson (and prove that I've learned it) so that I will truly appreciate the Good One when I find him.

In the meantime, cry the tears and allow yourself to feel the pain so that you can release it.

I know this hurts, but it will pass!!!


Yvonne said...

RR- Thank you, I sure could use one. :)

Robin- I'm doing just that. Thanks for your kind words.

BB said...

Beautifully written yet very sad. I certainly understand the feelings. And now I have found a new man who truly enjoys me as much as I him. There is someone out there waiting for you. Let your spirit soar and he will find you! Hugs XX

BB said...

P.S. How are you coming along after your accident? I think of you often.

Yvonne said...

BB- I'm very happy for your new found happiness and love. I wish you the best in this new relationship and tons of love and laughter. You deserve that. As for me, well the accident really took a toll on me and my body. I am in pain a lot and just last month FINALLY, I was able to drive without gripping the steering wheel. Thank you for asking for your well wishes, I want to be as optimistic as you, eventually I will be. :)

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