Thursday, May 9, 2013


..bottle of wine almost empty.
music playing in the background
and i'm sitting on my sofa, alone.
thinking about you.

it's been a while.  a long while since i've done it.


don't know what triggered it.  just did.

you're everywhere.

if i close my eyes i see you.

hear your laughter

picture you, smiling at me

our conversations that lasted into the wee hours of the morning

your touch


making love



words, so many left unsaid...

i take in the last drop of wine.

savoring it.

breathing it.

almost as if you are here.

tomorrow all will be normal again.

but just for tonight,

just for a little bit,

i'm going to let my mind and my heart, have their way.


Anonymous said...
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Robin said...

We all indulge in memories sometimes. said...

Yvonne, I feel like I float into your poetry. It's really beautiful and flows so nicely. We can all relate, too. Keep at it. You're an excellent poet.


Red Shoes said...

With some people, just as long as it's a fleeting fancy, it's ok...


'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

Anyone who was once important in our life leaves an indelible mark. We can't help but sometimes think of them in detailed and intimate ways. Over time and with a healthy attitude it happens less and we enjoy it more so than having it be a painful thing.

Yvonne said...

Robin- Yes,this is true. It's nice to revisit sometimes.

Robyn- Aww, thanks so much! I'm glad you enjoy it.

Red- Totally agree. I revisit from time to time, but never stay too long. Not healthy for me.

YRJ- Very true. I believe that time does heal all wounds, as cliche as that sounds. It really does.

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