Monday, October 1, 2012

poetic monday

I'm extra emotional and sentimental these days.  It's coming up on the one year anniversary of the demise of what was once a beautiful friendship.  Or, a friendship gone bad.  So, because this person has been on my mind lately, I wrote this.  It's in Spanish but I tried my best to translate it.  However, as you and I both know, something always gets lost in translation.  Especially in the Spanish language.  It's a very longing and sad piece.  Full of melancholy.  At any rate, here is the way I originally wrote it and below is the loosely translated version.

Todo Un Año..

Como te hecho de menos
hace casi un año que se de ti
que escuche tu voz, por ultima vez

Las lagrimas terminaron
pero parte de mi corazon
sigue basillo

Tu ausencia me persigue hasta en mis sueños
Cuanto te extraño

Eres ya parte de mi pasado
Pero nunca te olvidare
Bien o mal
Siempre, siempre te amare.


How I miss you so!
It’s been almost a year that I heard your voice
for the last time

The tears are long gone
but part of my heart is still empty

Your absence follows me
even in my dreams

You are now part of my past
But I will never forget you
Good or bad
I’ll always, always love you


'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

This kind of thing is SO difficult. It's hard when someone has been such a part of our life, even if they are not good for us in the long run. Meeting your feelings head on is really the healthiest way to go. You will eventually find that there is a place for your memories that is not so sad, a place where you can appreciate what was good and leave the rest.

Robin said...

My heart hurts for you. I know this pain. So sorry:(

Yvonne said...

Ladies: Thanks for your comments, I appreciate them. It's like I know this is the way it is supposed to be, but I miss this person still, very much. I think I always will.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Very sweet and sad poem, you certainly have a talent for capturing emotion through poetry, in any language!

Yvonne said...

Insomniac- Why, thank you kind sir!

Sandra said...

Awww, I know exactly how you feel. I had a loss like that as well about 7 years ago. We did reconnect earlier this year, but it was never the same. I'm sad for you. Although I couldn't read the Spanish version, I bet it was so beautiful because the English version certainly was. said...

That's sweet, sad and beautiful, Yvonne. Big hugs to you, and thanks so much for your recent support and love. Sometimes life is hardest for us caring people.


Slyde said...

very beautiful poem....

Jennifer Hillier said...

It's so painful when a friendship ends. I wonder if there's any chance you can reconnect with this person, maybe just on a small level? I do know how you feel because I've been there too. It's not easy. Hugs, my friend.

Yvonne said...

Robyn- Right back at ya! :)

Slyde- Thanks! Glad you liked it. How come every time I see your name I immediately start singing, "Slide, slide, slippity, slide..." ??? :)

Jennifer- Yes it is. It sucks actually. No, there is no chance. EVER. -Thanks for your words. :)

Yvonne said...

Sandra- Thanks lady! Can I just tell you that your blog makes me smile erry day. -Ok sometimes it makes me laugh so hard I start crying, but it's okay. ha!

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