Monday, August 6, 2012

Short and Sweet -like me!

The end of the first week of August is upon us.  Was it good for you?  I always get a little excited and a whole lotta crazy at the beginning of every month.  Probably because I love that we're getting closer to the Fall season and all that it entails, and probably because it means that something has ended and we must start anew.  I have a problem with things ending, as some of you regulars can attest to.  But tonight, I choose to ignore the "crazy" and focus on the "excited".

New month, new possibilities, new beginnings...

Hope August is everything you want it to be!

Happy Monday everyone! 


'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

What a fun and happy post! It makes me excited for what is to come as well. A great feeling to spread around. :)

Belle said...

I've enjoyed this whole summer because I hate the winter so much. So, yep I had a great August so far. Hugs. said...

Thanks for the uplifting sentiment, Yvonne.

Stay excited.


Yvonne said...

YRJ- :) Thanks!

Belle- That's great! I bet if you were in Houston right now, you would sooooo hate the heat!

Robyn- You're welcome! I'm trying to stay uplifting! ha!

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