Monday, March 12, 2012

title for this post? YOU decide

Happy Monday peeps! What's up with everyone?  So, thanks to all who were so kind to call/text or comment on the post I wrote last night, to make sure I was okay.  I'm totally fine.  I just had a mini, emotional moment.  But all is peachy again.  I still blame the rain. ha!  Millie Vannili would be so proud right now.  Don't get the reference? Go here:

How was everyone's weekend?  Mine was a total wash-out.  Literally.  It rained Friday night, all day Saturday, and Sunday it was one storm after another.  Yours truly even danced in the rain yesterday.  Not really, more like, ran in the rain and got drenched in the process!  Serious.  My clothes, my hair, all of me, was soaked.  But I managed to laugh about it.  I mean, what else could I do? Get mad? P-uh-lease!  So um, yeah, that's how my weekend was.  Exciting right?

I skipped the gym tonight. I know, I know, I'm horrible!  I felt so bad for not going that I did 75 jumping jacks, 30 crunches and jumped rope, all in the span of an hour, in the comfort of my own room.  Guilt is sometimes a good thing.  I didn't hit the gym because I needed to work on my dreaded taxes.  So while my accountant aka friend, was fervently crunching numbers on my laptop,  I was exercising behind him.  It's all about compromise, kids.

Oh! Did I tell you that I gave up coca cola for Lent?  Well, today is day 19 of no caffeine.  Day NINETEEN! Unless you're a coca-holic like myself, you have no idea how difficult this has been for me.  I've never given up my soda -like, ever.  Even when I would do one of my extreme diets, I still incorporated it into whatever I was doing.  Hmm, perhaps that is why I didn't lose as much weight, eh?  Yeah well, the headaches have FINALLY subsided and the cravings are still there,  but they're not tormenting me anymore. I'm very proud of myself, thus far!  I still have have a few more weeks to go but I'm confident I will make it.  Yay! :)

What? Pats on the back -even if it is your own back, are warranted at times.

Speaking of pats, St. Patty's Day is this Saturday.  I haven't done anything special or gone out with all the other pretend Irish people out there, in years.  But this year, I think the Usual Suspects and I are actually doing something to commemorate good ol' St. Pat.  I even bought our "accessories", earlier today.  You know, hair things that glow in green, charm bracelets and the proverbial "Kiss me I'm Irish" tee shirts.  So we're good and ready to go!

Alright kids, it's past my bedtime and I need to go take my little 6 hour nap. Be good.



Belle said...

Hey, if you did all that exercising at home, it is just as good as going to the gym. Good for you! Are you going to drink Coke after Lent?

Anonymous said...

I'd call this post "Here Comes The Sun" or something. I dunno, I'm on a Beatles thing lately. But I"m glad you're back to your old self. Sometimes the rain sours our moods and sometimes it makes our already gloomy days worse. But more often than not, a sunny day makes all the difference.

Exercise is exercise, doesn't matter if you don't go to the gym. It still counts in my book. And your hour is so much better than my ten minutes: 50 push ups, 50 crunches, one quick sprint through the park. that's it.

You're even doing better than me on soda! I've had 2 1/2 cans this month. 30 oz--gah! Feb was much worse though. I was depressed, bored, and desperate to reconnect with my old friend Mountain Dew. But working on the novel helps immensely.

So, yeah...keep up the good work!

Yvonne said...

Belle- I will probably be drinking a coke at 12:01 a.m. on Easter Sunday!

Insomniac- Love the title! You win! So what if no one else played? A win is a win. hehehe Actually, I'm a huge Beatles fan myself.

Sometimes I find the rain soothing, but I guess it was my frame of mind the exacerbated the situation and my mood.

OMG, I want a coke so bad right now, it's killing me! But I HAVE to follow through. I can't give in to temptation. Ugh!!! I'm drinking water like it's candy. It's pathetic. :)

Katie @ Chicken Noodle Gravy said...

I'm still proud of you for giving up Coke and caffeine! I would never be able to do it.

I hate rain. It messes with my head. Hope you have a better (and much dryer) weekend this weekend.

Yvonne said...

Katie- Thanks so much! It's been a struggle but I have not caved yet! Two more weeks to go!

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