Wednesday, February 29, 2012

wednesday night blatherings aka "i got nothin"

Happy Leap Day everyone!  When I was much, much, younger, I used to think that "Leap Year"  meant that we had to "leap" into the air.  Really. I thought that.  It wasn't until one of my classmates told me what it really meant, that I realized the error of my ways.  Whatever. I was super popular that day in school, and that's all I cared about.

Moving on.

I gave up all caffeinated drinks for Lent.  I'm a Coca-cola fanatic so giving it up is a HUGE sacrifice for me.  Really! I'm totally addicted to it. Well, today is day eight of no cokes. EIGHT days! Do you know how awesome that makes me feel? I am totally psyched!  The headaches?  That's another story.  I've never had so many headaches in my life! And I've cut down on my sugar intake as well, so I have become a monster! It's true, ask my coworkers.  If I cross your path, get out of my way! You have been warned.

In other news,  let's talk "unfinished business", shall we?  I'm notorious for starting something, anything, but never finishing.  Except books.  I always finish reading my books.  I'm kinda tired of being known in my family and circle of friends, as "Halfer", NOT to be confused with "Hefer", thank you!  I don't remember which one of my friends gave me that name.  It means I only do things to a certain point, and then I stop.  Hence, the "Halfer".  But how do I break out of this horrible pattern of mine?  It's not productive at all.  And it leaves me stagnant.  My life is put on hold.  Which is how I usually feel. As if my life is on hold, while everyone else's life is moving right along.  Know what I mean?  

Sigh, let's keep moving kids.  Did you hear? Davey Jones passed away today.  So sad!  I'll always remember the infamous episode of the Brady Bunch when Marcia gets him to play at her school dance.  And of course the ever famous line, "How about the flip side?" Davey says after Marcia kisses his cheek.  Yes I know I'm a total geek, nerd, whatever.

Ok bloggies, that's it's for tonight.  I know, I know, you're sad.  As you should be.   But don't fret, I'll be back!  I always come back. I hope you do too!  ---I know, I'm full of it! But you love me anyway. Right? Right???


Belle said...

Hey, you have done pretty good giving up Coke and coffee. That does give you terrible headaches. I do feel bad about Davey Jones. I really liked the Monkees when I was a teen. I still like their songs when they come on the radio. Goodnight, Yvonne.


I know Davey died. So sad

Random Girl said...

I'm even more of a halfer than you... I can't even finish books unless they are super awesome. I have no attention span, and that is fact. Good for you for getting loose of the coke obsession, that's a tough one!

Unknown said...

I forgot the "flip side" comment, but that is funny! Also funny? How you clarified "halfer" and not "hefer". Hey, if you finish books, I don't think you are a halfer at all. Don't listen to them!

'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

Although I am not Catholic, I find that I am very interested in all the traditions. I had a friend in grade school that was Catholic and I loved doing all those things with her. Maybe I should have given something up for lent as well... You picked a tough one, but are doing well. Good job!

Katie @ Chicken Noodle Gravy said...

Very awesome that you gave up caffeine! I've never been able to get past the headaches. Have they subsided at all?

Yvonne said...

Belle- I don't drink coffee. But yes, the headaches are brutal!

Israel- Wow! Your ARE alive!!! :) So glad you are back -at least for this post, anyway. Very sad that Davey died.

RG- Oh I am a lover of books. Always have been. Problem is that I have become a book hoarder. I refuse to get rid of any of them. ha! As for the cokes- I am dying over here!!! But, I'm not quitting.

Kelley- haha! Thanks for bringing that to my attention (hefer). I was trying to remember his other lines in that episode but couldn't.

YR- I also some non-Catholic friends who do this every Lent, with me. I think it's pretty cool.

Katie- thank you! No, they have not. While they're not as bad as they were, they are still bad. I can't believe I haven't punched someone! :)

Kelli Hale said...

OMG!! I thought I was the only little kid that went around thinking Leap Year was for leaping. lol When I was four or five... whatever the leap year was around there lol... I refused to go anywhere unless hopping. The entire Leap Day I hopped everywhere. lol The sad part is no one corrected me!

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