Friday, September 17, 2010

Dolce Vita!

I have two girlfriends who are like sisters to me. Michelle and Maricela. You may as well call us the Three Musketeers. Wherever one goes, the other two are sure to follow! One of the musketeers is turning 40 on Monday. And she doesn't want anyone to make a big deal about it. So we're honoring her wishes -except for this mention on my blog! lol Which I know she reads! Trust me Michi, turning 40 is "all gravy, baby!" Age is but a number, but life is what YOU make it. Remember our mantra" "Life is short, so just live it!"

How about you? Do you live life or does life live you?

I can't remember how long ago but trust me, it was a long time ago! I watched a movie that spoke to me in ways that no one else ever had. It starred Robin Williams and a very young Ethan Hawke. Dead Poets Society.
I loved that movie! It made me want to do things, and to try even if I was afraid to! It's one of the reasons why I keep writing. Writing is my passion. And although it seems at times I will never, ever sell my novel, I know in my heart, that I will. Now, I don't know if it wll be Oprah Winfrey worthy (keep fingers crossed please) but it will be worthy for sure! And that's the gist of this post for tonight.

Do you live life? Or does life live you?

Often times we get caught up in the hurry ups and don't be lates of our lives. We totally forget about the here and now. About what is important and what is not. Lately, I have been "making" myself stop and notice the "forgotten". You know, the sunset, the full moon, the thunderstorms, the rainbows. All of that is out there for us and its free! lol

I don't mean to get all Pollyanna on you, it's just that, in reflecting on my life lately, and the upcoming milestone birthday of Michelle, aka "Coca-cola" (She'll kill me but, whatever! I nicknamed her Coca-Cola (CC for short)because she's got this body shaped like a coca cola bottle!)
I felt the urge to write about "sucking the marrow out of life".

No one wants regrets.

So, that's my PSA for the weekend. Go out and LIVE and LAUGH! ---I know I will!


Belle said...

I would say that life lived me for a long, long time. Now that I don't have many responsibilites I guess I am living life now and I am enjoying it.
I no longer have to spend most of my time on children and grandchildren, which I enjoyed immensely but which was also connected with work and worry. I now spend most days doing exactly what I want to do. I have to admit, it is pretty cool.

Shady Del Knight said...

40? I'd LOVE to be 40 again! For that matter I'd love to be 50 again! I'm not, however. I'm 60, but I'm in better physical shape now than I was at 40 or even 30! A few years ago I got serious and chose to make fitness more of a priority. I stopped listening to my inner voice when it whined that there wasn't enough time in my busy day to exercise. I made time. Instead of snacking while I watched my evening TV shows I exercised while I watched.

Physical fitness is important but maintaining a youthful mind and spirit is equally important. Trapped inside the body of this 60 year old is the mind of a teenager filled with enthusiasm, curiosity and wonder. I want to thank you, Yvonne, for allowing somebody as young as me to post comments on your blog! (LOL)

To answer your question, I have learned to live life and not let life live me. One of the tricks we can all use is reframing. For example, find a way to turn work into play. Have a long commute to the office and a lot on your plate when you get there? Pretend you're a contestant on The Apprentice and have fun completing your challenge in hopes of impressing The Donald. Faced with exhausting outdoor chores? Pretend it's a Survivor task mandated by Jeff Probst. Fear holding you back from writing? Turn fear into power by breaking through and just going for it! There's no such thing a failing unless you give up. Stay flexible and resourceful. Keep revising your strategy until you achieve the desired outcome. Every time you set aside fear and complacency and do something that you didn't think you could do you empower yourself to accomplish even greater things.

Paige said...

so true! no one should have regrets!

Yvonne said...

All - Thanks for your comments!
Shady -ha! Everyone is welcome to read m blog! Age is not a factor! :)

Michelle said...

Hola Yvonne! Happy B-day to me!! I figured you were up writing on your blog. Yes, this is CC!! I guess I have to go take my 6 mile walk tomorrow morning (which I love doing) to maintain my CC status! No regrets!!:)

Yvonne said...

Michi! I'm impressed! You actually posted on my blog!!!! lol We must celebrate! :)

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