Saturday, April 26, 2014

sick and tired of being sick and tired...

i'm sick.  and whiney.  and irritable.  and whiney.  eh, you get the picture.  after suffering for three or four days with wheezing, watery and itchy eyes, chills and coughing, i finally went to the doctor who informed me that i have a mild case of bronchitis.  seriously?  i took the prescriptions (yes more than one, three to be exact) from him and went on my merry way.  i almost escaped too, except he caught up to me before i left his office.  "you need to rest.  no talking (only if absolutely necessary)  and plenty of liquids"
i vaguely remember him walking me to the front and me getting onto the elevator.  i was still at the "no talking"  part.

yeah, such has been my life the past week.  i have been confined to the walls of my house and that's pretty much it.  i've never had bronchitis before, have you?  let me tell you something, it kicks you in the ass and leaves you crying on the floor.  literally.  i have never felt so tired or out of breath and listless in all of my life.  ever.  even as much as i want to pretend that i'm feeling better or try and convince my body that i am, i can't.  there's no fooling that bronchitis bitch.  yeah i decided it's a woman.  has to be.  and so, i have all of this time on my hands.  technically, i'm not even supposed to be on the laptop, i'm supposed to just be in bed, resting.  but come on, how much resting can i do??? i'm going a bit batty.  anyway, i just wanted share my misery with you.  you're welcome.

what's up everybody?  i know i'm about a week and half late but, how was everyone's easter sunday?  i for one had a blast with the family.  our day consisted of swimming, massive easter egg hunt with tons of little munchkins running around,  serious ring toss and volleyball games and lots of food and maybe even libations.  good times for sure.

i'll tell you what wasn't a "good" time though, my church time.  now, i'm not one to judge about anyone's beliefs or non-beliefs.  you worship at your own will, that's fine by me.  what i have a problem with is total disregard for respect in the house of worship. whether it be catholic, pentecostal, baptist, or even if you're agnostic.  respect your surroundings and respect the people around you.  why is this so hard to do?

ok so what happened is that i was about 5 minutes late to mass.  i am catholic so it was a catholic service that i attended.  the church was already full and rather than disrupt what was already going on, i decided to stand in the back.  i stood in front of a group of girls who were no older than 15 or 16 years old.  i was listening to the priest when suddenly i hear laughter and girls talking.  i know it's the little group behind me but i continue to listen to what's going on in front of me and hope the annoying girls will just shut up.  well, the talking grows louder and then i hear one of them drop the "f" bomb not once, not twice but three times in the span of a second.  i turned my head so fast i thought i broke it off.  i gave them an angry glare and told them to 'please be quiet" but i was livid.  i felt offended and just pissed off really.  by no means am i this goody two shoes or "holier than thou" bible thumper.  far from that, however, i would never, ever , ever curse in a place of worship. whether i am a believer or not.  it made me  sick.  one of the ushers also heard the girls and asked them to take their conversation outside.  do you know that the girls started arguing with the usher?  at that point, i moved to the other side and started praying to God to hold my tongue, because i was about to go off on them. and not in a nice, catholic girl kind of way either.  the rest of the service was fine, i don't even know what happened to those girls but what they did really bothered me. it still does.  a few years ago, two friends of mine got married in galveston, in a breathtaking, greek orthodox church.  some of the guests (also friends of mine) were laughing, telling dirty jokes and just having a good ol' time during the service.  now, i am not a greek orthodox but i was offended then too.  i mean, where is the decorum? and these jesters were adults so what was their excuse?   i do tend to get all pumped up about matters that are important to me.  i guess it is my upbringing. for me, going to church is sacred.  it's the house of God and should be respected, whether you worship there or not.  just as you would respect the house of peter, paul or mary or even joe blow.  i was always taught to respect my elders, be kind to others and respect the church.  does that make me weird? old?  uptight?  no, i don't think it does at all.  i really just think that some kids today have no inkling as to what respect really means.

alirght, i'm off of my soapbox.  i just wanted to vent a little.  and the world goes on...

ps-y'all better pray i get better soon, or you're more likely to see more random posts like this one :)


CWMartin said...

You hit the nail on the head. We have allowed our children to grow up without respect of any kind, and it shows up not only in rudeness, but the lack of concern for life that many have. I won't bore you with my thoughts on why it happened, but I will say their are a LOT of parents that will be judged for their failures in the next life.

'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

So sorry you have been sick and tired! Hope you are back to your good old self very soon. :)
I only wish your church experience was a unique one. I concur with the commenter above that we are in for a doozy of a judgement day sometime in the future in some form or another. I guess I'm just glad that I'm not the one to have to decide what that will be.

David Batista said...

Oh, hope you feel better soon! I would actually love to have permission to be holed up in bed for a few days. I'd just catch up on all my DVR and Netflix shows I have on backlog. And catch up on sleep! :) But, no, I know the pain is not fun. So I do hope that nasty bitch goes away!

As for church, I agree. Although I'm not religious and don't attend services, I would never dream of being disrespectful in a house of worship. I don't blame those teenagers, though. I blame the parents for not knowing better than to allow them to group together and outside of their direct supervision. Teenagers are always going to test their boundaries.

Yvonne said...

CWM- Yes I agree. Lack of respect for anything really. It saddens me that kids today, are clueless about their behavior and that parents continue to look the other way. But then, adults acting just like the kids sometimes, is not encouraging either.

YRJ- I'm on the mend, but still coughing. Thanks for asking :) Sometimes I just get so sad at the lack of compassion kids have today...

David- I've been holed up too long, I need human interaction. I tried writing a few times but lack of energy and being drugged up did not make for good story telling. As for the church/kids I blame the parents. I sure wanted to tell them off though. ;)