Saturday, November 30, 2013

malbec, memories and me

your silence speaks volumes

the words you didn't speak
inflicted it's pain already

no words uttered
yet i heard you 
loud and clear

there is no reason for me to stay
i leave behind only my heart
everything else is already dead


Sometimes, the most painful thing you can say, is nothing at all.  I consider myself to be a very passionate person.  In my personal life, in my career, in causes that I believe in.  Perhaps that is why I have dedicated over twenty years to working on the plaintiff side of the law.  Always advocating for the underdog, for the victim, for the injustice.  The same goes for my heart.  I love with all of my being. I know no other way.  I trust in the same manner.  This has caused me to hurt indescribable pain.  But it has also given me immense happiness.  The thing is, sometimes you just get tired of being the doormat. So you break free.  And it feels good to be free of him people that just want to suck you dry.  And you keep moving forward because really, that's all you can do.

Don't mind me bloggies. This very intense jibber jabber was brought to you courtesy of  a few glasses of Malbec and lots of memories.  Ah, nostalgia, the holidays, liquor and bad poetry.  Good times.

Come back soon, I'll be sober (ish) and in a better mood.  In the meantime, I want to hear all about everyone's Thanksgiving.  Ready? Set? Go!


Red Shoes said...

"Loving with ones heart... unconditionally..." always sets one up for a great deal of hurt and pain.

Of course, the other side of the coin is to not be totally into the relationship... which then means, I think, that we miss something.

I will go with the chance of hurt and pain everytime...

Malbec, huh? What winery do you like? I need to try something different...


Bouncin Barb said...

I would rather know I could possibly feel hurt and pain than to feel empty and numb as a safety. Human nature sucks sometimes doesn't it?

Red Shoes said...

Hey you... I also like a good Shiraz... and a Syrah... I've been told that a Shiraz and a Syrah are the same grape... same wine. Hell, I dunno...

OK... since Google is my friend, I just looked and several sources support that.



Robin said...

Nothing wrong with being sensitive. As for being 100% in it... never again will I allow myself to get lost in something that I was never all that excited about in the first place. That is how you lose years. And I am getting older all of the time! said...

Yes, it's all we can do. That and go write through it. Your poetry is incredibly evocative. I know I've told you that before. You should publish a book of poems.

Be well, Yvonne.

Yvonne said...

Shoes- I will ALWAYS love, in spite of pain and tears. I would never want to miss out on any of it. Even the bad stuff. I'm just all sorts of emotional right now which makes for cheesy bloggins. ;)

Shiraz is so good, isn't it? It's definitely a favorite of mine. Syrah. I will have to remember that that next time I'm out. I'll let you know what I think. :)

BB- Totally agree. What is it about us that wants to love so immensely no matter what? Still, I rather love and hurt than not feel anything ever, at all.

Robin- Thanks. Although, sometimes I get so sappy I make myself sick. lol

Robyn- Aww, thanks, friend! I'm actually working on a that as we speak/type/blog. I am hesitant about it but I really want to do it. A book of my poetry, imagine that! :)

'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

Ah yes, silence. It is powerful indeed. I have found it to be the one thing that kept me from going down insanity lane with so much of my family. If I could keep it together enough to stay out of the fray, then I was immune to the quicksand!

Yvonne said...

YRJ- Sadly, I don't think we are "immune to the quicksand" -sooner or later, we all get stuck. The trick is knowing how to get out of it and not drown in it. Or let it drown you.