Monday, April 15, 2013


my heart is heavy tonight.  as most of you may have heard, there were two bombs that exploded during the boston marathon today.  there are over 144 people injured and at last count, three dead, including an eight year old boy, who was waiting for his dad to run by the finish line.  simply horrific.

after a day of watching the news, reading the paper, scrolling through the internet for stories about the catastrophic day in boston, i am incredibly sad.  once again, our country is on alert.  once again, we as citizens of the united states, band together in solidarity, in show of support for all of  those innocent victims in boston.  senseless and cowardly.  again.  i have a few friends who were running in the marathon, thankfully, all have been accounted for and are safe and sound.  thankfully.  i first learned about the tragedy in the early afternoon, as i was returning from lunch.  literally, i froze.  my mind immediately went back to september 11, 2001.  that same feeling of helplessness and fear returned.  i rushed back to the office and turned on the news.  what a scary world we live in.  i'm speechless.

what scares me more is that no one has stepped forward to claim responsibility.  a terrorist attack?  a domestic, sick individual?  show yourself(ves) cowards!  i am so angry!  why would someone do this?

since i don't know how else to help, besides contributing to the red cross, join me please, in praying for the victims and for our country.  if you don't pray, that's cool.  just send positive thoughts and energy to the universe, all good thoughts are accepted.

do me a favor, hug your loved ones, right a wrong, make amends, let go of anger and resentment.  in the grand scheme of things, none of that matters, really.



Shit is crazy but we have to have perspective. Historically speaking we are living in less violent times It just doesn't seem that way bc we are more connected bc of technology

Felicia-May Stevenson said...

It is totally tragic. I read a post on facebook yesterday from a guy who reminded us all that in the grand scheme of things, there is only a tiny percentage of evil, sick individuals out there, and the good still outweigh the bad. There were people running towards the wreckage to help the wounded. Not all is lost. My heart goes out to the victims, I pray for them, that they find peace after this horrifying event.

Red Shoes said...

Both of the commentors make the same very valid point. The bad bad people are still a very very small part of society... it's just that what they do is so horrific.

I don't understand why someone needs to harm innocent people who are out enjoying their day.

Sad, sad, sad...


Yvonne said...

The courage and selfless acts of people who risked their own safety and well being in order to help those who were hurt or couldn't fend for themselves, is amazing. People banding together to help one another. Truly inspiring and almost comforting...

Don said...

Since no terrorist group claimed it was their dastardly deed, I'm believing it was at least 2 evil individuals......possibly domestic or foreign.

President Obama said they would be found and brought to justice, but I'm not holding my breath.

It should have been much easier to find those in his own administration to failed to do anything to help when our ambassador to Libya and 3 others were killed on another 9/11 date last year. But these many months later there are still many unanswered questions about who they were and why they failed to act.

HUGS and prayers for you, and all good people everywhere.

Don said...


".....administraion who failed...."

'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

You have so accurately written here what I would have if I could possibly bring myself to even write about this.
I did indeed find myself right back there where I was after 9/11. I am only sorry that this time I kind of knew what to expect.
It's just sick and sad and so not right.
It's good to know we are not alone and I will pray along with you. said...

Yvonne, do let us know you're okay - in the wake of an even greater tragedy that hit Waco.

Virtual hugs,

Yvonne said...

Don- I think it was domestic. Whoever it was, I just wish they would find them already!

YRJ-Thank you sweets!

Robyn-Yes, I'm well. I live in Houston and West is near Waco, which is where the tragedy occurred. It's horrible, just horrible! Thank you for thinking of me.

Yvonne said...

Israel- Shit just got very real!

Felicia- I tend to believe that the good always outweighs the bad, and hope that those responsible will be brought to justice.

Red Shoes- Cowards is what they are!

Xiomara | Equis Place said...

It's utterly heartbreaking. My mind also went back to 9/11. I hate feeling so fearful and helpless.

Yvonne said...

Xiomara- Agreed. It's surreal.