Saturday, August 25, 2012

what i did today and other musings

hey kids!  what's the good word tonight?  i love my weekends.  we should just have weekends erry day.  forget that 5 day work week gig.  7 day weekend is the way to go.  am i right?  of course i am.  anyway, so according to a very reliable (or unreliable.  it's all in the way you look at it) source, aka facebook, today is "national kiss and make-up day"  too bad i haven't fought with anyone that i want to kiss and make-up with though.  have you?

in other news, i am a little pissed right now.  if you remember, last weekend i went car shopping. my new car was supposed to come in in yesterday, and i was going to pick it up today.  well, in a perfect world and all, that was the plan.  the salesguy's story is that "someone" messed up the inventory and caused "delays" in shipment of vehicles all over the country.  <----- suuuuure it did.  whatever. so now, my car will not be delivered until wednesday.  nerdy salesguy (not to be confused with potential date salesguy, apparently he was out today, due to a family emergency.  uh huh.) was profusely sorry for the mishap and offered to throw in some free floor mats for my troubles.  yay me.  needless to say, i left there in a bummed mood.  to cheer myself up, i drove to one of the few remaining bookstores left in the city.  and there, i browsed and debated purchasing no less than three books.  in the end, i put them all back.  as much as i am a multi-tasker, i really can only read one book at a time.  and since i have yet to finish the governor's wife, which i purchased last week, i left the store empty-handed.  the rest of the afternoon, i spent it with two of my loves -my nieces.  no matter what kind of day i'm having, or how tired or angry i am, spending time with the girls, always cheers me up and makes my heart smile.  my oldest niece is 11 and her sister, is 4.  both of them are growing up so fast.  i love spending time with them, asking them about their world and listening to their stories.  we laugh and laugh.  i don't see them very often because of the whole "my ex sister-in-law hates my brother" thing, so when i do get to spend time with them, i cherish it immensely.

next stop after dropping off the girls?  my friend's wine bar.  he's only been opened about a month. but by the looks of the full parking lot, it would seem that business is thriving. not to shabby for a saturday afternoon.   good for him.  i visited with him for a little while, in between his tending to his customers, and we caught up on each others' lives.  when it was time for me to leave, he presented me with a gift. a bottle of one of my favorite wines.  i almost squealed with excitement!  i thanked him and bid him and his girlfriend (who is one of the bartenders at the bar) adieu.

the rest of my day was spent tending to things that i put off never have time for during the week.  and now, here i sit, about to lose myself  in my book, while enjoying a glass of malbec.

all is well in my world, hope all is well in yours too.



Alessandra said...

All in all a pretty nice Saturday, minus the car thing. Nothing like wine to take the edge off and make us forget our anger management problems. I am now trying to read two books on my nook and two paperbacks, I am so confused I don't even know what i'm reading anymore.

Mynx said...

A book and a glass of wine sounds like the perfect way to finish the day. Shame about the car but it sounds like you will get it soon, fingers crossed

Yvonne said...

Alessandra- ha! Wine goes with errything! My ADD does not allow me to read more than one book at a time.

Mynx-Thanks! I'll let you know what happens with the car. No doubt, a book and a bottle of wine are divine!

David Batista said...

Malbec--vary, vary niiiice! :)

Saw your FB pics of you and your nieces. Definitely see the family resemblance. Looked like you were having tons of fun!

Hope you get your car this week. They were definitely selling you some phoney baloney on that delay story, though. Sheesh!

Yvonne said...

Ha! It was "vary" nice indeed! I love my girls!!! We always have a good time when we get together. Regarding the car, no kidding! MAJOR baloney going on there! I actually went to a different dealership and pick up my car tomorrow. (same car, same deal) So there! :)