Sunday, August 26, 2012

Wah! But I don't wanna go to school tomorrow!

Not me.  My school career ended a long time ago.  Unless you count the school of life.  heh.  So the new school year begins tomorrow morning.  At least, it does here in Houston.  All across the city thousands upon thousands of little monsters   kids will wake up excited  and almost giddy, as they get ready to don their new haircuts, new shoes, new school supplies, all in the name of getting their learn on.  -Ok, maybe they're not excited or giddy.  One can only hope.

A lot of my teacher friends have already started their new school year, as they have been reporting to work since last week.  They are the ones that whine the most.  "Oh no! School's starting!"or  "Only 120 days before Christmas break!"  "Wah Wah Wah!" ---oh brother, get over it already!  Sorry, I don't feel sorry for teachers that get three months off.  Jealous? Just a lil.  ;)

 PSA for the week:  Remember to mind the school zones people.  The rugrats are back.

Have a great week everyone!

3 comments: said...

It is hard to believe school's back on. Thanks for the PSA. It's especially helpful to those of us who aren't in school mode. (Thank goodness).

Be well, Yvonne.

Mynx said...

My kids are on countdown to the summer holidays, ours are from christmas to end of January although I have a feeling the oldest will be off longer (Uni holidays start after exams in early novemeber)

Random Girl said...

Even with 3 mos vacation, I admire teachers for putting up not only with my kid, but 20+ kids all bent on destruction, and a little learning here and there. No thanks!