Tuesday, August 21, 2012

let's make a deal!

i went car shopping over the weekend.  by myself.  that's right kids, this girl, did it all on her own.  no help from either of my little brudders. or even from "cute guy i've been on a few dates with".  nope. i just woke up saturday morning, got dressed, and began "operation find a new car".  it's time.  poor "old faithful" is on her last leg.  yeah, i name my cars.  what? doesn't everyone?  the first car i ever had, i named "andy", short for andy garcia.  it was a silver honda civic.  best.car.evah.  andy and i were together 11 years, before it died on me.  "old faithful" is a toyota camry.  more out of necessity than anything else, i chose that car.  let me just say, i can't wait until i dump that bitch!  (sorry so crass, but i hate that car) yeah, "old faithful" is a woman.  after all the problems that car has given me, what else could she be?  so anyway, back to my story.  the last time i went shopping for a car i was ill prepared.  anxious. and just wanted a car.  this time, i did my homework, know what i want and am going to get it.  the car salesman was very impressed with my due diligence.  he even asked if i was single. not sure that is in their car salesman handbook" or not.  eh, probably not.  whatever.  a little flirting can go a long way. and hey, whatever it takes to get my car, right? right.  kidding.  sort of.  it's so obvious that they (the car salesmen -who are now called sales reps.  did you know that? i didn't.) expect a woman to be a bit, what's the word?  clueless.  that's it. clueless when it comes to shopping for a car.  and nine times out of ten, we are. HOWEVER, as i said earlier, i was prepared this  time.  i visited three places, before going back to the first one.  i got a better rate, a better deal and a possible date. win-win.  and no, i did not go back to the first choice because of the potential date thing.  i really did get a better rate.  so boys and girls, come this saturday, i will be rocking the new car.  it's a black, 2012 honda civic 2 door coupe.  it's black exterior with leather seats, a moon roof and a whole lotta "sexy".  it will be a fun car!  i tried posting a picture but my computer is not cooperating with me.  and i need to come up with a name for this bad boy.  any suggestions? am really looking forward to picking it up this coming weekend.

that's my happy for today.  what was yours?


'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

How fun!!! Must see pic.
Good for you for doing your due diligence. It's fun to be a powerful and intelligent woman, isn't it?
I'm thinking some type of sleek and stylish name...

Don said...

Hon, name your new wheels "Bad Boy" since you already have in a way.

Is Bad Boy new or slightly used but in great condition?

I hope he performs wonderfully for you for many years. LOL!!!

My wife does all the car buying in our household and gets better deals than I would. She's a tough bargainer. She tells the sales rep what she will do as far as trading and pricing are concerned and they usually go along with her proposal.

If there were female sales reps I might do a bit of car shopping myself. :-)

Yvonne said...

The jury is still out on the name thing. We shall see...

Thanks guys! I'll keep you posted.

Anonymous said...

Yvonne..is anyone called that anymore?
So " old".
And it ages you too, with Yemen - Netherlands - Playdota.
And since it's Gabby talking, with Dana, away went the show with Schar.
And that sent Jones - Carter - Rush- to Eshanda.
In Endaurl.
With Bibitty Bobbity and all that Boo.