Sunday, March 11, 2012

does anybody know what time it is?

has it really been almost a week that i wrote my last post? wow! time just escapes me sometimes.  tonight is all about randomness because i really hadn't planned on blogging until i noticed that i had not posted in over a week.  and i felt the need to inform you of this, asap! -you're welcome.

did everyone who had to, remember to forward their clocks an hour ahead?  you know, "spring forward" and all that? i hope so!   i will do it whenever i make it to bed.  if i remember.

how was everyone's week? i'm super jealous right now of all my teacher friends.  why?  because their spring break has officially begun for them.  they get an entire week off and that just blows.  bleh! my next day off will not be until april 6th.  it's good friday and, opening day!  ohhh yeah! baseball season is around the corner baby!

so if it's 1:00 a.m now, then at 2:00 a.m. is it already 3:00 a.m.?  what? it's a legitimate question, i don't want to miss church!  which reminds me, i really need to go to sleep.  meh.  sleep is overrated anyway, don't you agree?

so who's up? what are you doing? tell me.

president obama was in our fair city on friday afternoon, for a fundraising event.  that was cool.  too bad not a lot of my friends thought so.  i caused a tizzy on my fb page, after i posted how sick i was of reading people blame the president, for the traffic nightmare that his visit caused on some of the highways.  oh and they blamed him for the rain too. it was storming friday and apparently, the president has super powers and a weather machine at the white house.  i'm telling you, the comments some people were making were downright stupid and ignorant.  and i got tired of it and voiced my opinion and all hell broke loose! it was quite amusing and entertaining to the say the least.  i think one or two people may have unfriended me for that.  whatever, silly wabbits.

i went shopping earlier today (or yesterday) and spent way too much money.  no really, i did.  but i couldn't help it.  buying myself things makes me feel better when i'm sad, and yesterday, i was a little sad.  for many reasons that i don't want to discuss right now.  suffice it to say, i did my share in saving the us economy. again, you're welcome.

well kids, that's it's for my randoms tonight.  if you've gotten this far in the post, you're a trooper and  the BEST! if you left, you just suck.  

and with that, i'm off! gotta see a pillow about some sleep.


Anonymous said...

Sleep? Pssh. Who needs it? It's actually 4:30 am here right now, even though it only feels like 3:30 am because of the time change. I could probably stay up another hour or so...but then I wouldn't wake up until after Noon tomorrow. Which sucks because I've written a grand total of seven words today. Yeah. Not good.

You know I agree with you about Obama and the state of political discourse. Lol..blame him for bad weather indeed. one of my FB friends posted something about gas prices being his fault. Sorry, that's OPEC's department. And Exxon/Mobil. He even said something about that, like he'd really be dumb enough to *want* higher gas prices when he's running for re-election?!?!? Ugh. Some people.

If I actually vented half as much as I wnated to, I'd lose a bunch of FB friends myself. Whatever, screw them anyway! Which reminds can 'friend' me on FB if you'd like:

I've been meaning to include an invite or a badge on my blog, but I never get around to it.

Anyway...time for bed I s'pose. Or writing. Either one :D

Mynx said...

7.25pm Sunday night for me. I am sorry, I have been a little awol myself so at least we are both back in blog world on the same day

Belle said...

I don't know how they can blame Obama for anything since he inherited the mess this country is in. I love the guy.
By the way, I also love your haircut and new photo.

Yvonne said...

Insomniac- Oh my! You were up much later than me. But I've don't that before too. Especially back when "someone" used to be in my life. Eh, I digress. The whole Obama thing on Friday was ridiculous and worked my last nerve! I just don't get it. Anyway, hope you had a great Sunday and were able to write a bit!

Belle- Oh I totally agree! Again, people can be downright ugly, at times. Thanks for mentioning my haircut and the picture. I will try and get a better one, this one is kind of small. At any rate, thanks again! :)

Mynxie- Indeed! :)