Sunday, March 4, 2012

days like today...

Happy Sunday Fun day everyone!  So what's happening? Clue a sister in.  As for me, well my week was long and stressful and a bit chaotic. -the usual.  But you know me, I roll with the punches and just keep getting back up.

My weekend was great.  Friday night I stayed in (I know, you're shocked) and worked on a writing project I've got brewing.  Saturday I had to meet a client at the office for a few hours but then, I played.  Oh and I also cut my hair.  Short.  Super, super, short.  I am still freaking out about it.  I haven't had short hair since I was in my twenties!  I dunno what got into me but once I sat in the stylist's chair, and she asked me what I wanted to do, I kind of just thought, "Aw, screw it!" and told her, "Cut it short.  Very short." And she did.  I was fine until I heard the "snip, snip, snip" of the scissors. That's when I started to panic.  There was no turning back.  She had just chopped a big chunk of hair from the back.  It's not like I could tell her to glue it back on or anything.  Or could I???  Meh!  I closed my eyes and didn't open them until she was finished.  That's when the real freaking out happened.  That first look at myself with short hair will forever be embedded in mind.  I think I may have cried  a little.  I know I kept saying, "Oh my gosh! It's so short, it's so short!"  But I rebounded quickly and gave her a high-five for a job well done.  I've been getting a lot of compliments since yesterday.  Which does wonders for the ego, but each time I look in the mirror, I become startled at the girl with the short hair staring back at me.  The good thing? It will grow back.

Saturday evening what was supposed to be a wine and pizza kinda night with friends,  somehow turned into, "How many bars can Yvonne and her friends go to in one night?"  Answer?  Four.  It would seem we met our wine quota, and then some, for the entire year.  -Not really.  It was a great night, the music, the atmosphere, the company and all the things that happen when friends get together made it all worthwhile.

Today my family and I enjoyed a great day at the park.  The weather was amazing!  It's been a while
 -probably since Christmas, that we've all been together, at the same time.  With everyone's schedules and kiddos and other obligations, it's difficult to get everyone together at the same time.  But today, the moons must have been aligned.  We played soccer with the kiddos and my brothers held an impromptu baseball clinic for my nephews and some kids who happened to walk by.  We laughed and had overdue talks with each other, cleared some things up.  We fed the ducks, chased squirrels, and ate like piggies.  It was a very nice day.  I cherish days like this.  They make my heart smile.

Hope something or someone, made your heart smile this weekend!


'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

This all sounds like so much fun. Well, all except the short hair freaking out stuff... Let us see!
Glad you had a fun weekend. :)

Life 101 said...

Sounds like you had a hoot. I love weekends like that.

Ruth said...

I grow my hair long, but it and regret. Grow it out again, cut it again. And around and around. Last time I donated to Locks of Love. Good cause so I was more OK with it.
In my town you'd have to settle for three bars. That's all we got.
You have just received the versatile blogger award. Come on over and pick it up.

Belle said...

Ah, I have had haircuts I regret also, but you may like it more when it is an inch or so longer. It is nice you are getting compliments; I'll bet it looks pretty. 4 bars in one night sounds like fun to me! And I'm so glad your whole family could get together.

This weekend was my granddaughter's birthday and so we all got together too! She is sixteen now. A dangerous age if I remember right. I'll be blogging about it later. Love and hugs Sweetie.

David Batista said...

I saw your new "do" on FB, and I have to say . . . WOW! You look awesome with it! :) Go you!

Hope you have a less chaotic week this time around.

Cinderita said...

Sounds like a fantastic weekend.

Yvonne said...

YRJ- It was! I will post a pic later this week.

Life- It was a total "hoot" for sure!

Ruth- Aww the Locks of Love is a great cause! My new haircut is "growing" on me ----hehehehe

Belle- Sixteen was a great age for me! I have good memories of that time. I hope your granddaugther had an awesome time!

David- Aww, thanks sweets! And so far, so good on my week. Only two more days and it's the weekend again! Yay!!!

Rita- Yes mam! I had a great weekend!

Average Girl said...

Did I tell you lately Yvonne that you are an amazing person... you really are you know.. I love how beautifully honest your blog posts always are... xoxo

Yvonne said...

Aww, thanks so much! I truly appreciate your comment!