Monday, January 9, 2012

A recap. Care to join me?

When last we met, I was relishing the miracle of being able to smell again.  I'm still relishing.  I'm no longer walking around literally sniffing everything, but still taking all the scents in.  Monday already came and almost went! Yay! I hate Mondays.  Not as much as Sundays, but still. 

What's up bloggies?  How was everyone's weekend?  I'm just now coming down that high that the Texans win caused on Saturday afternoon.  I swear you could feel the excitement everywhere you went after that win.  I watched the game at a local sports bar with the "Usual Suspects" aka "The Musketeers", and a few other friends.  It was almost as rowdy in there as it was at Reliant stadium, where the game was being played.  At one point, my friend Maricela and I started belting out the Houston Oilers fight song.  Yeah, from waaaay back when.  Circa late seventies, early eighties.  I was actually surprised she knew it, but as soon as I started singing it out loud, she joined in! Ha! Good times.  -For those not familiar, the Houston Oilers were the first professional football team in Houston.  The team was sold, changed it's name and moved out of state.  They are now this little team called the Tennessee Titans.  -Whatever.  Anyway, so that's a little background on the Oilers.

Sunday I went on an eight hour brunch.  Uh, yeah.  Seriously I did.  What started out as "brunch with the girls", soon turned into a Brunchapalooza 2012, as we went from one place to another.  I counted four bars and one restaurant.  The restaurant being the last stop.  By that time the alcohol had worn off and we were just hungry.  Something about getting together with a group of women, and spending the day totally relaxed, not worrying about our "worries", enjoying each others' company and conversation, and libations.   But it was more than the drinking, we drank, but didn't get crazy, -come on now, it was Sunday after all.  Plus, we laughed and discussed anything and everything you could imagine.  Men and relationships were topics de jour,  of course.  I mean come on, five women together for almost eight hours???  Ha.  It was a great day.  Not to mention a beautiful day.  All of our choices with the exception of our last stop, involved patio seating.  Of course, once I got home I realized I had not done any laundry, or bought groceries or read the Sunday paper at my leisure, as is my custom on Sundays.  But eh, I didn't care.   Sometimes not getting anything done is a good thing.

I also had an epiphany of sorts this weekend.  It involved closure on a matter I had been having trouble with, and also reaffirmed what I keep forgetting about myself, and that is, my worth.  No one will ever make feel or doubt my worth, ever again.   It's a new year, with a clean slate and lots of work to be done.  

Well kids, that's all I have for now. I'm working on a few blog ideas, as well as writing a new short story.  Thanks for coming along with me on weekend recap.  Do me a favor, come back.



'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

Sounds fun. I'll definitely be back!

Mynx said...

Sounds like a wonderful way to spend a day- Brunchapalooza. So happy you are feeling more positive. 2012 is going to be a great year for you. :)

wheatgerm said...

eight hour brunch I wish I was invited

Belle said...

That brunch sounds like such a blast! I love, love going out with a bunch of women. Glad you had such a great weekend and Hooray for your team!

Jennifer Hillier said...

I'm glad you got closure, Yvonne. Always a good thing.

And I'm jealous! Four bars and one restaurant in one day? Sounds like you had a blast!

The Frisky Virgin said...

Closure! It's a brilliant word and an even better concept. I'm going to write a post in an effort to gain cosmic closure. Okay, in my mind that made sense. lol

I was so happy for the Texans! Gotta represent TEXAS!!!!!!!

Robin said...

I feel like I missed the best part of this blog... the revelation on your worth. I hope it makes it into a future posting. So many people have "worth" issues that anyone who finally gets the lesson... well, teach teach teach.

And I am glad you had such an awesome Sunday:-)

Kelley said...

Houston Oilers, Houston Oilers, Houston Oilers, number oooooone. Yes, we're the Houston Oilers, Houston Oilers, Houston Oilers number one! 5, 6, 7, 8! Who's the best in the Lone Star State??

Love it.

Glad you had a good weekend with your friends!

Cinderita said...

You are so awesome, should be illegal. WRITE MORE WRITE MORE WRITE MORE!

Yvonne said...

YRJ- :) Thank you!

Mynx- I feel the same way! Thank you Mynxie!

Wheatgerm- Everyone should go on an eight hour brunch at least once! :)

Jennifer- Closure is a very good thing and very empowering. Brunch was insanely fun! I highly recommend it!

FV- Shockingly, I got what you meant. ;) That's right, GO TEXANS!!!!

Robin- Perhaps I'll share soon.

Kelley- you go girl! I forgot the last few lines, so I had make it up as I went along! haha!

Rita- thanks!!! and i am writing more. i just wish i had more hours to do it ALL!!! :)

Yvonne said...

Belle-yes isn't that the best? just spending time with the girls???