Thursday, January 5, 2012

Got Smell?

To smell or not to smell, that is the question.  I vote yes.  By now, if you are a regular reader of my blog, you know that I have been sick pretty much the entire month of December.   Well, all that's left of this hellacious sinus/ear infection and flu, is a nagging cough.  Not to be confused with the whooping-i think I'm choking- cough that I had as well.   Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, smell.  It seems I lost it, my sense of smell, a few weeks ago.  I mean, really lost it.  Like, you could put me in a room that wreaks of sewer or worse, and I wouldn't even bat an eye.   At first, I thought it was my imagination.  But I soon learned that was not the case.  I was so freaked out I called my doctor.  "What's wrong with me? I can't smell! Do I need to come in?"  -hypochondriac much?  My doctor reassured me that what I was experiencing was normal due to how sick I had been and that as soon as my infections were all cleared up, my sense of smell would return.  I thought this was only going to be a few days at most.  Wrong.  Try three and half weeks!  Ugh!  I know there are greater problems with this world of ours other than my whiny situation.  But have YOU ever lost your sense of smell?  It's pretty freaky.  Think, spraying perfume and not being able to tell if you sprayed too much or too little.  Or think walking into a bakery, and inhaling, expecting the aromas of delicious sin to fill your nose, only to be devastated because you smell nothing.  Or worse yet, being given flowers from a friend, to try and cheer you up, and not being able to take in their fragrance.  It's awful!!!  Well, imagine my surprise when I woke up this morning to the smell of brewing coffee!  That's right guys! I can smell again! I was so happy, that I went around the house just sniffing up a storm.  Ok, so I may have looked a bit odd doing so, but I didn't care!  Today was a great day peeps!  A GREAT day!

So what bodes for you this weekend? Do tell! 

My weekend will consist of continuing to get better, resting and oh yeah, cheering some football team on Saturday as they play in their first EVER play-off game. 

GO TEXANS!!!! :)


David Batista said...

*sniff, sniff* Well, I'm glad you're feeling better. That would truly suck not to be able to smell anything, especially since you can't even enjoy your favorite foods without it.

And, for your sake, I'll root for the Texans this weekend too! Especially since they're not facing my Giants. :) But if by some miracle they both make it to the big dance in February . . . oh, IT'S ON LIKE DONKEY KONG!

'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

Houston is my team this year as well! Holy cow, the smelling thing. Reminds me that you never know what you've got until it's gone. Especially the 'little' things or things we take for granted. That would be super freaky not to be able to smell! Glad yours is back.

Robin said...

This post is yet another reminder that the body is a wondrous thing and that it isn't a small thing when one part of it isn't working right. It truly does affect your life in all manner of ways. Of course, you never think about them until you experience them for yourself. It is one more reminder that we would have to walk that mile in someone else's shoes in order to truly understand their suffering. I think each little bit of suffering we do makes us more compassionate/empathetic people. And the world can always use just a bit more of that... But I am very glad your sniffer back:-)

Belle said...

You certainly had a terrible infection to be sick so long. Awful! I'm so glad you got your sense of smell back. Food tastes like nothing without smelling it. This weekend? Sheesh- same-o, same-o. I only do exciting stuff with my mom and she has no plans!

Anonymous said...

That was a wicked infection, wasn't it? Sheesh. Glad you can smell again! My senses can be misleading at times, like I'm not always sure what I smell (or I'm flat-out wrong!) but I've never actually lost it...I dont think.

Good luck to your Texans this weekend! My Packers have a bye because they finished 15-1 (!!!) so I'll sit back, relax, and root for the Texans, Steelers, Giants, and oh, I dunno... Saints I guess.

Mynx said...

Smells can be connected to so many memories and emotions, I would be devastated to lose my sense of smell. So happy you got yours back

CWMartin said...

Good luck to your Texicans, I admire how they didn't just give up with all those injuries, like the Packers last year. I don't have a dog in the hunt this year so I'm good with whatever happens.

Kelley said...

Ha! Yay for the return of smell!! I work with laryngectomees and, because they can't breathe through their nose and mouth anymore since they are breathing through their stoma in their neck, they can't smell anymore. Pretty rotten.

Yvonne said...

David- Yes, I missed not being able to smell my food the most!!! Good thing you rooted for the WINNING team today! :) And you better believe it will be ON if your Giants meet my Texans!!!! :)

YRJ- Yay! You're for the WINNING team too!!! :) Yes, definitely glad my nose works again!

Robin- it is so interesting how the body comes together, isn't it?

Belle- thanks! You and your mom should go on an "adventure" -I bet it would be a blast!

Insomniac- Yes it was truly WICKED! So glad it's all gone!!! Do your "Spidey" senses work too? hahaha! And good for you for also rooting for the WINNING team!

Mynx- how true! With the simple smell of cologne or the ocean waters or the smell of rain, we can be transported to our past or even our future...

CWMartin- They did it!!! :) Oh and tell me about it! It seemed like every game, someone was getting hurt!

Kelley- wow. that's awful for them.

Jennifer Brown Banks said...

Hi Yvonne!

How have U been? Just dropping by to say hi and Happy New Year. Interesting "reads" as usual. :-)


Yvonne said...

Jennifer- Hellooo! So nice to see you here! Happy New Year to you!