Sunday, September 11, 2011

Retrospective -September 11, 2001

Ten years and I can still remember vividly, as if it happened yesterday. I can remember listening to the car radio as the announcers said something had just come across the AP wire, about an "object" hitting one of the towers in New York.  I remember my immediate thought was, "What idiot was flying his plane so low!?"  And then came the dreaded news, this was no joke, we were under attack.  I sped to work and rushed in to find some of my  coworkers gathered around a small television set, watching in disbelief.  It was so surreal.  I can still remember how scared, worried, and very frightened I became. The drive home from work was eerily quiet and still.  It was as if time had stopped for us and we were all scrambling to get to our destination to see our families and loved ones, to try and make sense of what had happened.  Someone had taken over our country that day and dropped us to our knees. I never felt so violated and helpless as I did that day.  I never felt more proud to be an American, living in this great country, faults and all, as I did in the days after the tragedy.  People from all over the country, all walks of life came together, strangers, families, friends, all working together to help one another, to help, period.  Everyone was eager to do something, anything, to contribute in some way.  Ten years later, I still smell grieving and fear, but also determination, reaffirmation, that the United States is strong, and free and resilient.

Always remember!


David Batista said...

Very moving read, Yvonne. Thank you! We were all affected by the events of that day in our own way.

Yvonne said...

Thanks D!

The Frisky Virgin said...

Beautiful, my dear friend, beautiful. *Hugs*

Yvonne said...

Thanks sweets!