Saturday, September 10, 2011

A date, is a date, is a date...

Where do I begin? So much to say, so little time… Alright, so last night I was over at my friend Simona’s house. She’d invited me to go over for some girl talk, dinner and of course, wine. Duh! Vino is always invited! There we were, Simona, her roommate Francine, and me. Dinner was delish! So while chit-chatting about our week, and reveling in the fact that it was the beginning of the weekend, we started discussing, what else? Men.  Simona gleefully shared with us that she had a date tomorrow night with a guy she met at Chic Fil A. Chic-Fil-freakin A!!! How does that even happen??? Anyway, Francine goes on to tell us how it went down and that she’s already had lunch with him and tomorrow will be their first official date. The story goes like this, she was eating, he spotted her but was on his way out. Actually got in his car and left, only to return minutes later, with the hope she was still there so he could muster up the courage to talk to her. Which she was, and he did, and the rest as they say, is history. Cute story huh? Well, it was, until Simona decided to divulge a little sumptin sumptin that Francine had conveniently forgotten to share with me.

“He wants to come over and wash her hair.” Simona spilled.

“Whaaat?” I replied laughing.

“Yeah, he told her he wanted to come over and wash her hair.”

I looked at Francine and she was taking a sip of her wine and avoiding eye contact with me. But she had a big silly grin on her face.

“Y’all are bullshitting with me right?”

“No it’s true. He wants to come run his hands through my hair and shampoo and condition it.”

At this point we were all dying with laughter. The kind of laughter that hurts our stomachs but feels too good to stop.

“Let me get this straight, some guy you just met, have been talking to for what? A week? Just says he wants to come shampoo your hair?”

Francine, who is African-American, replied, “Yes. It’s a very sensual and intimate gesture. And common in our culture.” She sounded so proud too.

I don't know if it's a culture thing or not.  I just know that it's weird.  To me.  Now, I’ve had men want to do things for me, things like buy me a car, a house, take me on trips, you know, stuff like that. Never. Ever. Have I had any man ever offer me to wash my hair!

“Um, yeah I guess, but personally, it would freak me the hell out!” I replied.

But then, because that wasn’t funny enough, Simona blurts out, “Wait, here’s the best part…”

Opening a new bottle of wine, I look at her, waiting for the closer.

She leans in over the table, and almost in a whisper says, “He is a hair products salesman!”

I swear you could hear the laughter erupting in the house from miles away.  We laughed for a long, long, time. 

There was nothing left to do after that lovely story, but to toast to it!  Cheers!


Random Girl said...

ummm...ahh.... ok? Not sure what to say about this one. Of all the things I have encountered in the weird world of dating, this, thankfully is not one of them. Good luck to your friend and the hair washing guy...

Yvonne said...

lmao! at least i'm not alone on this!

Possum said...

Weird...and creepy.

Ruth said...

You just know he is going to try to sell her some shampoo.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, i'm with Ruth...this sounds less like an attraction and more like a sales pitch. Or at least a product test.

I could be wrong though. Maybe his heart is in the right place, but he's socially awkward and has to use hair products as his ice breaker? said...

Oh dear, I have a similar story. Met a guy who is a hairdresser and offered to do my hair. I had a crush on him and thought it was mutual so I took him up on it. He didn't do a great job with my hair, and he talked about his wife and family. Big disappointment. If your friend at least gets a hair upgrade, it's all good.

David Batista said...

Maybe's he's thinking the quickest way to a woman's heart is . . . her hair?

I dunno. I'm stumped on this one.

Jo-Anne Rambling said...

Weird and creepy and what they hell will he bring his own products or use

Alessandra said...

Ok, that's creepy. I remember there was an X-Files episode where the weirdo/serial killer of the day would kidnap women and then wash and color their hair......before he killed them. Culture or not, no freaking weirdo is going to wash my hair.

'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

I have never heard of this in any culture. Seriously?!
Tell your friend good luck, cuz' I think she's gonna need it!
Thanks for the laugh. :)

reeflightning said...

interesting ...

Yvonne said...

Possum- ha! My thoughts exactly!

Ruth- bahaha! That's why this was so funny to me! The fact that he was a hair products sales guy!

Insomniac- I don't know. She seems to like him and he seems to be sincere, -according to her. But I'm guarded about that one.

David- lol, maybe. Who knows? I just find the whole "washing hair" thing creepy.

Jo Anne- bahahaha!

Alessandra- Agreed!

YRJ- no kidding!

Reeflightening- that's one way to look at it, mine is just, plain wierd.

Robyn- Ouch!

The Frisky Virgin said...

Oh. My. Chicken. Fried. Steak.

One week of talking and he wants to come over and wash her hair, presumably with the hair care products he sells??? LOL I'm sorry, but that's freaking hilarious. Wonder if he'll instruct her on proper hair care. LOL

Just when you think you've heard it all!

Yvonne said...

Ha! I know right? Unbelievable!