Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Mid-week already! Yay!  I've been writing a lot lately, mostly working on my book. Because of that, I am not feeling very "blog" worthy right now.  So I wrote a short, kind of poem.  You may like it or not.  Writing a love story, naturally, makes me think about matters of the heart. I'm a girl, what do you expect?  So bloggies, here you go, a middle of the week whisper, if you will.  Enjoy!

The yearning in my heart grows stronger.

The pangs of longing come more frequently.
How to stop this madness going on?

I can feel your breath
You touch my soul
I see you as you should be
You see me as I am

When will it be my turn?



Oilfield Trash said...

Pretty good Y!!!!

Belle said...

I especially love the last line, Yvonne. Very nice.

Mynx said...

Lovely. Thank you

Random Girl said...

Oh I like!! Well done!

Tony Van Helsing said...

How come poems never ave car chases in them?

myjoyproject said...

lol Tony!

Average Girl aka Tracy said...

that was beautifully written darlin!

David Batista said...

I'm always amazed by your ability to write so beautifully about love and hope, even during times when life can be so difficult.

You're a true inspiration, Yvonne.

Yvonne said...

OT/JT- Thanks!

Belle- Glad you liked it!

Mynx- No need to thank ME! Thank YOU for reading it and taking time to comment. Glad you liked it!

RG- Yay! Thanks!

Tony- Hmm, let me see how I can incorporate it a "love" poem and I'll get back to ya! :)

Tracy- Thank you!

David- Awww! Incredibly sweet of you to say that! We have to remain positive, even in the darkest times, even when we don't want to. I try. :)