Friday, July 8, 2011

Got Sleep?

After laying in bed for over an hour with the sleep fairy NO WHERE to be found, I gave up and came here, where everybody knows my name. Heh.  I always keep the humor going.  Anyway, who's up? Who's up?  Let's see, I don't really have a lot to say tonight, er, this morning, whatev.  I'm tired, I know that.  I'm also sleepy but can't fall asleep. Go figure!  Oh! I do have a "haha" story to tell you.  It involves me, so it's REALLY funny! So yesterday, after work I had to hurry and fight my way through horrific traffic and a torrential downpour, (When it rains in Houston -which is rare these days, everyone forgets how to drive!) to make it in time for my bestie *Gustabo's post-birthday dinner.  So picture this, rain, wind, lightening, massive, bumper to bumper traffic, Metro buses thinking they own the streets, and then there's me, in my little car.  I was all smug, driving along in the ONLY lane that seemed to have any life in it, when I soon realized that I was in the HOV lane and needed to get over thisfast in order to get on the highway. Well, of course, the biatches in the lane I needed to switch over to, would not let me in! Can you believe that?  Ugh! So off I go onto the HOV lane. Two things you need to know, I'm claustrophobic and there was cop driving behind me.  I noticed him through my rear-view mirror and almost went ballistic! Not only was I probably definitely going to get a ticket because I was passengerless, but the walls on either side of me were starting to close in.  Not literally of course, but as I said, I'm very claustrophobic and in closed spaces, I start hyperventilating if there is no exit sign or any sign of wider spaces.  In this instance I was screwed all the way around because I had a cop behind me and my hyperventilating was beginning to take over my rationale. The stupid HOV lane went on forever and ever in my frame of mind.  In reality, it was about ten minutes,  See? Forever.  But wait, there's more! Not only was I being followed by the lawz (trying to spice it up with slang, clever yes?), but I was also going in the complete OPPOSITE direction and HIGHWAY that I needed to be going in! I was never so happy to see an exit sign than I was yesterday!  I made my exit and prayed and prayed the cop would not follow suit.  Guess what? God listened to me and the patrol car kept going and didn't exit with me! I was ticket free! YES!  By this time the downpour was but a mere trickle and so I was able to make good time as I headed ALLLLLL the way back into town and onto the intended highway.  Yep, that was my yesterday afternoon drive debacle!  I made it to the restaurant, pushed *Gustabo out of my way and headed to the bar! 

Fun times, fun times.

Never a dull moment with me, I tell you! Even on the most boring of boring days!  Fortunately for me, and you too, this next little bit of info is anything BUT boring.  "Ball-cap guy" and I had lunch today and are going out again on Saturday night.  Exciting! I know, I know!  :)  That's all you're getting.

So kids, it's the weekend again! What is everyone doing? Not doing? This enquiring, insomniac mind wants to know.

And on that note, I'm off to see a pillow about some sleep. 



Don said...

In the Spring of 1970 I drove from San Antonio to Alabama by way of Lafayette, LA. Driving through Houston was one of the most nerve-wracking experiences of my life. I can only imagine how much worse the traffic there must be 41 years later. The only thing that I would even consider going to Houston for now would be a date with Yvonne. Yep, that would do it. :-)

Kelly said...

Yay for ball cap guy :0
He sounds like a catch! Jury is still out of Clubhouse, I like more attention than he is giving me ;)

Oh well!

Sweet dreams sweets ox

Belle said...

Yesterday I drove my granddaughter to a job interview at rush hour. I kept taking wrong turns and wrong roads in my panic to get home. I've lived here for almost thirty years. How can I still be taking wrong turns? I hate driving.

getyourselfconnected said...

Lunch AND dinner? Woo-Hoo! Sounds good.

Yvonne said...

Don - "Nerve-wrecking" is dead on! haha!

Kelly - I haven't decided if he's a "keeper" just yet. But he's definitely on the right track! :) Sorry about Clubhouse guy, boys are dumb!

GYC- I know right??? So far, so good.

Yvonne said...

Belle- It happens. Tonight I was so into the music in my car, I totally missed my exit home!