Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday - done!

Hello all! How is everyone?  Tell me about your weekend, hope everyone was naughty good!  So I have this love/hate relationship not only with boot-camp (Which I will talk about in a few) but also with Monday.  It's just so, so, so in the way!  It's not like Tuesday, which is one day closer to Friday and it's not like Wednesday, which is mid-week, and everyone starts getting excited about the weekend, and definitely not like Thursday (my personal precursor to Friday).  It's just there, boring, blah.  ---This is what was roaming through my head as I sat in the sauna outside, on my back porch swing this afternoon.  Why was I sitting out in the heat aka "Hell", you ask? Well, let me tell you.  Our central air unit apparently died at some point during the day and I didn't find out about it until I opened my front door this evening around 7:00 p.m.  To say that the house felt like an oven, would be an understatement.  IT.WAS.HOT!  Ugh!  Thankfully, I once dated (okay, "dated" is a stretch, we went out twice) a guy who happens to own his very own central air and heat repair company.  What a coinky-dink!  I searched my contacts on my phone, (soooo glad I never deleted him!) dialed his number and begged/flirted with him to P-UH-L-E-A-S-E make time to come out today and fix my unit.  Wait, that sounded kinda wrong didn't it?  Hmm...

So *Stan (*not his real name obviously) agreed to come by as soon as he could (once he got over the shock of my call) and like a total gentleman and super guy that he is, came to not only my aid but my mom's as well.  I had not seen him since last summer.  The first thing I noticed when he arrived was this huge wedding band on his finger.  It was silver.  Wow, a lot of changes I see.   The a/c was repaired in less than an hour.  He didn't even want to charge me a dime! I practically shoved the check down his throat.  He finally relented but only after he said he would give me a discount.  See? Super-duper guy!  Now, now, before all of you  jump on me with questions, *Stan and I didn't have any chemistry at all.  None. Zip. Nada.  That is why we didn't continue to go out.  The feeling was mutual so no one was hurt. 

Let's move on shall we?

Prior to coming home to an oven, I had been at the dreaded boot-camp! This is week three and I'm happy to report that I'm actually making headway! I hardly pant anymore (no seriously!) or feel like I'm going to throw-up or pass-out while throwing up. And I have been meeting all of my small, personal goals in each class!  At first, I dreaded going because I never thought I would be able to keep up, but I totally have! And I've lost several inches! I can tell by the way my clothes are fitting.  I haven't weighed myself yet because I don't want to.  Not until the boot camp is over.  My friend that forced encouraged me to do it with her, has lost almost 15 lbs and about a billion inches! She looks awesome!  Oh and we both received the ultimate of ultimate compliments from the hottie at the gym. You know, the one that ALL the girls swoon over and stare at when you think he isn't looking but he really is!  That one.  My friend and I were at the gym on Saturday morning as was he.  So he comes by us as we're inhaling and exhaling during our crunches and leans over to tell us that we're doing a great job and both look hot!  Really, he said that!  Then he smiled, winked at us and strutted walked away.  Ok so never mind that he may have been referring to our sweaty and disheveled appearance, when he mentioned that we looked hot

What else happened to me today? Oh yeah, I heard from Minute Maid guy.  For all the new followers, "Minute Maid guy" is someone I met on my birthday weekend last October. I gave him that name because that's where we met, at Minute Maid park, during an Astros game.  He keeps popping in and out of my life every few months. For example, the last time I saw him was in December. We went out quite a few times and had what I thought to be great times.  But then, he disappeared on me.  Only to pop up again in February.  We didn't go out, we just chatted a few times on the phone.  And then he was gone again. And now he's back.  Silly, silly, boy!  Meh! Whatever, he's not someone I will ever take seriously, so I may as well have a good time. Right? Right.

And that kids, is the end of my little story about a day called Monday.  If you're still with me, thanks! You're the BEST! 

You know the drill, it's a brand new week, make it count!

7 comments: said...

Your updates are always a fun read. Keep us posted on Minute Maid guy.
Tuesday's just about here. Woohoo!

Belle said...

The air-conditioner guy was sure nice. It can get dangerous if your home gets too hot. Here in Reno it is around 70 or so. Very nice weather. I can see why everyone hates Mondays - it seems sooo long til the weekend.

myjoyproject said...

well now that does sound like a fun-filled (or at least "filled") weekend!

Happy Tuesday to you :)

ox Kelly

Yvonne said...

Robyn - ha! thanks, i'm glad you enjoy them! minute maid guy is an idiot, but he keeps me entertained.

Belle - the a/c guy was extremely nice! lol hope you're enjoying your vacation!

Kelly - I did! How was yours?

Alessandra said...

I didn't know you joined a boot camp, now often do you go? Hey, I think Minute Maid guy should be called Minute man, since he's there and gone so often. Congrats on the weight loss and the comment form the hottie :)

Yvonne said...

Alessandra - Yes I started on June 1st. It's a 30 day challenge. The boot camp is three days a week. PURE TORTURE! But I love it! With regard to MMG- hahaha, I totally agree!

Jo-Anne Rambling said...

Aren't you lucky that air con guy was married and didn't think you call ment something else. But more importantly you got your air con fixed prety damn quick.

Boot camp you can have not something I would try ever.........