Monday, June 13, 2011

M is for Monday

Hola kids! What's up? How are you? I hope your weekend was fabulous!  Mine certainly was!  The concert was beyond amazing!  I was thisclose to Luismi and could see the sweat beads on his face, his wrinkles his most amazing, green eyes, and that smile that made my knees buckle! He sang his heart out and I sang right along with him.  I was a happy, happy girl! Afterwards, I met up with my friend *Gustabo and his friend *Natalia, who were also at the concert, for drinks at a quaint little bar a few blocks from the arena.  We had the best time! Good conversation, good company and lots of spirits.  Need I say more?

So here's what's on my mind tonight.  Does being a "third" wheel bother you? (Or in my case, I was the 6th wheel)  I'm speaking to the singles out there that read my blog, but even if you're not single, please weigh in your opinion.  I'm asking because Saturday evening, I met a group of what I wrongly assumed was going to be "just girls". But when I got to the restaurant I was met with the girls, and also their husbands.  They're all married.  It was five couples and me.  Just me.  Now, normally I wouldn't be so bothered but I'm not good friends with this group. We're friendly and social (they did invite me after all) but only in the "all girls" realm.  I guess I felt blind-sided  is all.  And also awkward.  Plus, they made me sit at the head of the friggin table!  I almost made them kiss my ring and call me "Godmother".   I just don't like being put in those types of situations.  Don't get me wrong, we all had a great time and delicious dinner, but I was taken aback by "the couples".  It was a bit intimidating to be the "loner" amidst a group of people I barely knew.  To be fair, they were very nice.  I'm not criticising them, just the predicament.  I'm curious to see what you have to say about this.  Thoughts?

In other news, I met "Brunch guy" for dinner last night.  We had not seen each other since, well, since  brunch actually.  We had a good time.  But he gave me the "speech". You know the one, "...better off as friends"  Not to worry, I'm good with that. As I told you before, I had no expectations other than being friends with him in the first place.  I'm glad we got that "talk" out of the way. Now we can just hang-out and not be afraid that one of us is getting twitterpatted over the other.  In fact, he's working out at the same gym as me, and has suggested we work out together sometime. I'm all for it!

Speaking of working out, Torture I mean, Boot-camp is showing me how strong I am, physically and mentally.  -Yeah, yeah, I know you're probably saying, "Mentally? Yeah right!"  What I mean when I say mentally, is that when I'm just a huff and puff away from giving up, I will myself to keep going.  I think about my goal. I visualize it, and somehow that carries me through the work-out.  It's pretty amazing.  It's as if I'm training my mind to tell my body to keep going.  Does that makes sense? I think that's pretty cool!

Well, that's what's going on with me.  Thanks for dropping by! You know the drill, it's Monday, make this week count!


Red Shoes said...

I don't blame you... I think I would have felt a bit blind sided as well... Normally, I don't mind being the 3rd (or 7th) wheel in that kind of setting, but it would be nice to know before hand...

I've also had the friend talk before... blerk...

Live and Learn...


Random Girl said...

Twitterpatted? I love that word, reminds me of the Bambi book I read to my daughter. Anywho, as for the 3rd wheel thing, I can see where that would be awkward, more so from the not knowing ahead of time perspective.I am the third wheel with a few "couple friends" but I don't mind. We travel together, basically go on dates as a threeseome, and just have fun. If they don't mind, I don't mind. As long as it doesn't get awkward in the threesome way, if ya know what I mean. I'm not so down with that at the moment.

Average Girl aka Tracy said...

I have been there my friend and while I didn't mind it because I always rocked the friendships with my girlfriends' significant others, what made me uncomfortable was when they would start their little episodes of PDA then I would kind of being yearning for my own significant other... Anywhooo, I have no doubt that you handled the situation with the upmost grace. Besides, I will let you in a little secret, most hooked up chicks, kind of yearn for those single days, and I bet the majority of the girls sitting there were envying you and your carefree ways! said...

I'm used to it AND I still hate it.

Keep going with boot-camp! You're awesome for doing that and you're generally awesome.


Belle said...

I guess I would feel the same as you, although I'm sure the couples were happy to have you there. I am so glad the boot camp experience is a good one. It is just wonderful how you keep going and work hard.

myjoyproject said...

Wow, head of the table... ouch! I'm not too crazy about being the 5th wheel, however it really depends on who I am with.

Yay for boot camp!!


Yvonne said...

Red- Live and learn and live and learn and rinse and repeat...

RG- you crack me up!

Tracy - Totally agree with you!

Robyn - Aww, thank you!!!

Belle - They were, it was just awckward for me. Thank you! I'm aching everywhere but it's a "good" aching!

Kelly - haha! I know, it was intense, to say the least!

David Batista said...

Since I've been a "couple" now for going on 17 years -- I can honestly say that whenever one of our friends "third wheels" us, we hardly ever take notice of the fact. We don't sit there thinking: oh poor girl/boy. If only she weren't so PATHETIC.

No, this is something we never think. And I would imagine most couples never think that way toward their single friends. Not if they're friends.

So, no, I wouldn't have even batted an eye in your situation. Everyone was there to probably just have fun. Not point and laugh at the lone single gal. :)

And, hey, great job on the workout! I know all too well what you're talking about, mental willpower and all. It's the eye of the tiger, baby. The eye of the tiger! LOL!