Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Just Like That...

You take hold of my entire being
I fall victim to your prey
What you have to offer is enticing
I have no self-control

I want to break free
I try and try
until I am spent

Fighting you no longer seems possible
So I give in.

And soon the darkness comes
The familiar
the tears
the fear
the anxiety

Sadness envelopes me
and you are pleased

Depression, my monster, has returned.

**I'm not having another "episode".  I'm just feeling a little "blah" and this is one way I deal with my "blah-ness"**


S said...

These words can relate to so many things that afflict us in our lives. I wish you well.

The Frisky Virgin said...

It is a beautiful way to deal with blahness. :)


Jennifer Brown Banks said...

Well written, girl. Thanks for sharing, Yvonne! :-)

Kelley said...

Oh, I am so sorry to hear that you are feeling "blah". I don't want you to feel that way. You bring so much joy to others. Depression isn't easy to understand, I know. I hope you feel better soon. :)

Yvonne said...

S- Yes they can! Thank you!

FV- Aww, thanks! I needed a hug!

Jennifer- Wow, thank you!

Kelley - Thanks so much! I'm actually feeling a lot better today. It comes and goes. You cracked me up today btw! ;)

'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

This poem could relate to so many things. Thanks for sharing. You are truly talented with the prose! Hope the blahs leave soon and don't get worse.