Monday, March 28, 2011

An experiment, sweat and a hot guy -My Monday!

You know what I've noticed lately that really is bugging me?  No one says hello anymore or smiles anymore for that matter.  What's up with that?  I know not everyone has a sunny disposition or is in a good mood all the time, and yes I know that times are bad and everyone's got problems.  But good grief! Is it that bad that you can't muster up a "Good morning" or if you're the person being greeted, what's it going to hurt to reply?  Or acknowledge the greeting or the smile?  It doesn't take but a second.  So, in keeping with that same mind-set, today I decided to keep track of how many people acknowledged me or ignored me.  I started counting as soon as I walked out the front door.  My neighbor from across the street was pulling out of his driveway, he smiled and waved hello or goodbye -pick one.  Then when I parked in the garage at work, I walked in with 4 other people into the lobby.  No one held the door for each other, no one even looked at anyone else.  And EVERYONE ignored my, "Good morning!"  Whatever.  I continued on and at the end of the day, I tallied up, final count, 22 people acknowledged me and 41 ignored me.  I got more smiles than greetings and I noticed that no one wanted to look me in the eye. Well, except for maybe four people.  What a sad way to live.  I've been guilty of being too caught up in my own little world to not notice someone or realize they are speaking to me or greeting me or what have you, but the minute I do realize it, then I immediately respond.  Anyway, this was one of the things that was  on my mind earlier today.

Step class was great today! So much energy.  The instructed had some really cool music playing and kept us all hyped! I saw the cutest guy in the gym today too! And he held the door open for me! (swoon!)  We smiled and went about our business.  But something as minor as that, gets me smiling every time. Well that and the fact that he was totally hot!

Oh before I forget, since I've forgotten about a dozen times already! I wanted to say "Howdy!" to a few new followers. It seems I now have 55! Wow, I'm totally baffled and excited at this notion!  Welcome to my slightly crazed world! I'm like a roller coaster, up, down, and lots of fun!  So fasten your seat-belts!  ---Did I really just write that? Pfft! I'm tired. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Well kids, that's it for now.  Tune in tomorrow!


The Writer Currently Known as Rory said...

Hello. :)

Sunny Dee said...

That is a total win Monday in my book! Except for all the people being rude, but y'know. Polite, hot guys make up for it right? :)

Anonymous said...

I always smile and say hello to people and try not to let all the times I get ignored get to me. I think a smile and a hello go a long way towards cheering up somebody's day-it sure does for me-so it's worth it. What an interesting study. And YAY for hottie! hehe.

Tony Van Helsing said...

I lived in London for three years. People there don't even make eye contact, let alone greet each other.

David Batista said...

Here in New York City, what you described is a way of life. It's funny, but because I've lived here all my life I find this to be the standard, normal behavior. Meaning: I prefer it this way. I'm not comfortable with complete strangers I don't know from Adam pretending that they care about my morning or my day or what-not. Again, I'm a big city dweller. It's simply the way we are here. Eye contact is a big no-no, because there's simply too many crazy people here who WILL take it the wrong way.

That all being said, I'm never ever so rude as to not reply back on the rare occasion when someone does say "good morning" to me. That's just common courtesy. But I don't expect greetings from people, nor do I offer them. Big urban environments are not conducive to friendly small talk. Everyone's on edge and distrustful of their neighbor. It comes with the territory, I'm afraid. We all want to live after all.

myjoyproject said...

I work at the front desk of a large real estate office so greeting people is part of my job! Sometimes I think my great big smile throws people for a loop because they aren't expecting anyone to be so cheerful. It's like an experiment for me haha - just to see how they'll react to my niceness!

Yay for the hot guy at the gym! I hope you said hello to him and gave him eye contact :)

And congrats on all the new followers!

love love

Yvonne said...

Rory -ha! funny! Welcome and thanks for the follow!

Sunny Dee- yes they do! lol

Jewels- I feel the same way. You never know what a smile can do for someone else!

Tony - Thanks for dropping by! When I went to London NO ONE wanted to talk to me! lol I guess it's just "their" way.

David- I hear you. I actually feel the same way. There are MANY kooks out there. So naturally, everyone is on the defensive. I get that. I didn't mean everyone should become everyone's friend, but a smile or a greeting can go a long way. ---So, what you're saying is that when I go to NY, I have to up my "tough girl" image eh? Don't laugh, I grew up in the "barrio" of my city. :)

MJP- Thanks! Hahaha, so you understand what I mean then??? I sure did smile and give him eye contact! ;)

Belle said...

When I lived in Vancouver it was the same as David said about New York. I started out smiling and greeting people and the men would harass me. There were many crazy people there too.

Underground Dude said...

I'm a pretty stoic dude, so a lot of people mistakenly assume I'm in a bad mood. I make it a point to try and extend my greetings and what not, and give a top o' the mornin to ya to counter-act the stoic-ness...

Yvonne said...

belle - the "crazies" are everywhere unfortunatley.

ud- i have several friends who are the same way. good for you on the "counter-acting" :)