Sunday, February 13, 2011

All Things Love (Part Deux)

I love poetry.  Sadly, I find that not too many people are interested in that anymore.  Just like no one writes letters anymore, no one takes the time to read any poetry either.  I have many favorite poets, but my top five are Robert Frost, Walt Whitman, Emily Dickinson, Elizabeth Barrett Browning and Pablo Neruda. Classics. What's happened to the world of courtship and sending love letters and poems?  Everything is generic now, everything is "manufactured", very little genuine "thought" is given to that now.  And that's too sad really.  I was recently asked what I considered a romantic gesture, and I said I would totally melt if I received a love letter from my boyfriend/husband. The person that posed the question said I was lying.  I laughed and said I wasn't. I totally would love and appreciate the gesture!  "So you'd be okay with that? Just a letter?" he probed further. 

"Yeah totally.  But it wouldn't hurt if he had flowers to 'compliment' the letter."
"I knew it!" he said laughing hysterically.

What about you bloggers? Would a love letter from your beloved be enough for you on Valentine's Day?  Do you expect something out of this world each time?  Do you feel pressured to doing something because it's February 14th and not because you truly feel like doing something special for your beloved? 

Hmm, just thoughts in my head that I'm wondering about.  I have nothing else to do today.  :)


Belle said...

We ignore Valentine's Day, but my husband told me today that when I die, he is going to do the eulogy and have pictures of me all over. He said he isn't getting some preacher who didn't know me to talk, and only people who loved me will be invited.
That touched my heart more than roses or a card. (What can I say, we are weird)
But I also think a love letter is the most beautiful thing someone could give.

David Batista said...

I'm a big believer in the love letter. Back before my wife was my wife . . . we used to write long letters to each back and forth from our separate colleges. E-mail was just invented, but we were old skool and still wrote to each other in long hand.

Ah, I remember those days. How good it felt to get a real, physical memento from my love in the mail. Something she touched herself!

And, oh yes -- I would write her poetry, too! ;) Stuff that's way too sappy for me to reveal now. But she loved every one of them anyway.

You really are a romantic at heart, Yvonne. I think it's awesome! :)

Yvonne said...

Belle - we're ALL weird. i think that it's a beautiful gesture and a testament to your love for each other.

David - Isn't that one the best feelings in the world? Receiving something from your "love"??? How great that you sent each other hand-written letters. I miss that. Ohhh and a poetry writer eh? Nice! No wonder she married you! haha Yeah, I'm a big hopeless romantic, can't try to hide it.

'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

Met my husband of 14 years online in 1995, back before the internet had much use for anyone other than students and researchers. We printed out all the email that we exchanged over the time while we were still in college (about 8 months worth before he moved here) and it is a treasure to have that. We also exchanged a few hand-written letters and those are fun too. I feel as if we really got to know one another so much better than if we had spent that time going on dates. That's just what worked for us. We have always acknowledged holidays such as Valentine's Day or anniversaries, but usually don't go all out. We just kind of do what feels right at that moment in time. We use special days to recognize our commitment on some level, but there's no pressure.


I'm so un-romantic kinda but I'm a gentle soul so I express things on less dramatic fashions. At the same time I will do something for Valentine's day. I have a secret for you: Guys will often do things because the backlash for not doing certain things is way worse than the inconvenience of doing corny shit.

Yvonne said...

Israel - Your gf will be so proud of you!!! :) Happy sappy day!!!

Anonymous said...


Poetry is still in! I love it and I write it. Please read PETER MCWILLIAMS. You'll love his work. :-) Enjoyable post.

Anonymous said...

Love letters are nice and so are a flower or two, but I don't need them. I just need to have what I always need, a hug a kiss and some time with them.

If they decide to do something special that's fine. I try really hard to make things special with them like with Cam Man I try to massage him when we aren't doing anything as his muscles are all out of whack, that and I call him to wake him up for work and such.

Just little things makes all the difference.

The Adorkable Ditz' Missteps

Yvonne said...

Jennifer - Thanks dropping by! I appreciate it. I'll be sure and check the blog out too!

Ditz- Those are essential things to have in every day life, good choices!