Sunday, February 13, 2011

"Red or White?"

I was watching Brothers and Sisters tonight and heard this line, "Now, perhaps the most important question of all, red or white?"  I like the way they think!  No matter what is going on in my life, a nice glass of wine always relaxes me and makes everything better.  Too bad I'm on antibiotics or I would have opened up a bottle and had a glass while writing this post. It's Sunday bloggers, and you know what that means! And if you don't, I'll tell you.  It means that angst and stress and worry sets in. You see, technically, I start my Mondays on Sunday nights. At least in my mind.  I am a worrier and I'm also obsessive-compulsive, what can I say? 

Moving on, the weather was drop-dead GORGEOUS today! And even though I spent it inside, (because I'm sick) I did manage to pull up the shades and let the sun shine through my windows.  That always gets me in a good mood, even if I feel like a truck ran over my body.  Oh sunshine! How I've missed you! 

I noticed an influx of Valentine-themed blog posts today.  Coinky-dink? I think NOT!  I think that love is alive and kicking in this world of ours,  despite of or in spite of all the chaos, and that is a beautiful thing! Alright, enough medicine-induced writing. I'm going to go to bed now and hopefully, when morning comes, I will be well enough to make it in to work.  Staying in for three days has driven me insane. (more insane. better?)

Thanks for dropping by peeps!  Sending you tons of love and hugs!!!



David Batista said...

I love red wine the most. Especially imported Bordeaux. Whenever we go to France, I always makes sure to bring back 5 or 6 bottles. Ahhhh!

Yvonne said...

It's the best! I've never been to a vineyard but hope to in my near future. said...

Yvonne, all my love and healing thoughts to you too, dear. Yes red wine is the best. One of these days, you'll need to visit the California vineyards. They're amazing.
Hope you feel better, and happy Chocolate/Valentine's Day.


Remember months ago I recommended wine therapy? I'm glad others agree.

'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

I can't really get away with wine at all. It almost always makes me feel instantly sick. Weird... I drink other things occasionally and am OK. Anyway, when I saw this post title I thought of the wedding dress/wedding theme shows I have seen recently and thought you might be referring to dress color. In some cultures, they do red traditionally. Some people just do it for fun. I know if I got married now, I would so do the red! I did white when I got married, but hey, we eloped!

Marty said...

Found your blog and wanted to say hi...hope you feel better soon!...I had a glass of red last night for you and I both!!

Yvonne said...

Israel - Yes I remember, but that was during my alcohol hiatus! Now, now it's ON! :)

RR- I would love to visit a vineyard! Thanks for your well wishes and much love back to you!

Marty- Welcome! Thanks for dropping by and hope you come back! Yay! Thanks for the wine!!! lol