Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Serenity Now!

What calms you down? I'm curious to know. For me, it's writing and listening to some jazz. A nice Merlot or Chardonnay doesn't hurt either! But really, the music puts me in a calming state, so does writing. Or a good book. There are times when I'm just beside myself with anger or despair, so much so that I almost go into hyperventilation mode. Luckily, I've learned some breathing techniques that help me, along with repeating affirmations. Usually, that does the trick and helps me return to normalcy.

How do YOU handle stress? What do you do to calm down?

Share with me...


Anonymous said...

breaking down. My stress builds till i just break down.

Shady Del Knight said...

I calm down whenever I gaze at natural wonders like animals, plants, unspoiled scenery and the cosmos. It doesn't even have to be a first hand view. My television came with a remote. Any time I've had a belly full of the sickness that is primetime network television I can stop watching maniacs butchering college co-eds and turn to subject matter that cleanses my soul and instills a sense of peace and calm like programs about animals, exotic fish, cactus, the universe, etc. The choices are many and we always have a choice. We are the gatekeepers of our minds. We alone choose what we allow in.

Average Girl said...

The colour blue... it does it for me every time... blue skies, blue ocean, blue pictures, blue glass... It brings me to this unbelievable state of calmness. Some times I wish I could dive right into it! Crazy huh!


Paige said...

anything comedy wise calms me down...especially mike birbiglia

Yvonne said...

ditz- sometimes a good cry helps me as well.

shady - sunsets and the ocean calm me down -even if it's just a picture.

average girl- interesting. i feel that way about the sun. don't ask! lol but i do, i want to just jump into that big ball of light and bask in it! lol

paige- i've never heard of him, i'll check him out.