Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Senseless Wednesday

I find it peculiar that I am everyone's cheerleader, motivational speaker, advocate, protector, etc. I'm all of those things to everyone, but to myself. Why is that? I can talk you up like no one's business! I can turn that frown upside down! :) -No really, I can. But when everyone is gone and I'm left alone, I shut down. I'd like to know what it's like to cheer myself on for once. Sometimes I think it's my self-esteem issues. I've never been a big fan of myself. Physically or otherwise. I've got baggage okay? But the many wonderful friends and acquaintances that I have tell me otherwise. Just once, I'd like to know the difference. I'm still working on myself and so this is just part of the process I guess. I'm facing another demon, as it were.

A poll -What do you do in your life to cheer yourself on? Why?

It's Wednesday night, I'm tired, Texas STILL has the same governor (bleh!), and I have a headache. Those are my excuses for this post being somewhat all over the place! lol

Indulge me.


Miss Vicki said...

What cheers me up and why??Chocolate!!! And because it can :)It has the undeniable power that you can't just have to have one piece...and then another and another and's all gone and move on to the next bar/block :)

Belle said...


It's true, without it I'd be running down the street naked or something.

I also pray - and it always helps.

Dani-Q said...

Bahaha, Miss Vicki, chocolate cheers you up because it's filled with endorphins.

It you really want to cheer to yourself up (like, physically), endorphins are a naturally occurring hormone in our bodies - literally a self producing 'happy drug". Check out activities that release endorphins into your blood stream, like exercise or falling in love. I'm sure there are some easier ones than those though.

Shady Del Knight said...

Old business: Hey, Belle. Skip the Prozac next Tuesday. We'll have a great set of pics to look at on Wordless Wednesday!

New business: Yvonne, you already stated the answer in this post. If you feel happy, energized and alive when you are sharing yourself with others and helping them with their demons, then keep doing that and you will have no time to dwell on your own issues. Focus outward. That's where it's at!